What would you do… with a 5th toner station?

This is the first post in a series called “What would you do…” where we would like to gather the unique insights and thoughts of our customers, partners, and industry enthusiasts.
So…what would you do with a 5th toner station?

  • Would you use a clear toner for a spot varnish look and other effects?
  • Or perhaps add a mysterious and fun color from a Crayola Crayon box? (Periwinkle anyone?)
  • Would you go the route of dimensional printing for raised effects?
  • Or how about white for printing on dark-colored stocks?
  • Scratch and Sniff? Metallics?
  • Or maybe you want to put your company’s corporate color in there.
  • And once you chose your toner of choice, what would you print with it?
    Let’s hear your thoughts! I know what mine are!

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    1. Christian April 8, 2010 -

      Known form Kodak I’d prefer first a solution for spot effects, matt or glossy.

      Especially for smaller productions it’s a great opportunity for sale.

      dimensional effects might be great too.

      white is nice to have, but silver or gold might have a better standing in market.

      Crayola Crayon is used more in the U.S., so no need in Europe.

      All in all, pricing, usage and solutions must fit together, then I see a great opportunity in useage of a 5th. toner, more than just fill in Pantone colours in 😉

    2. Dave buchanan April 9, 2010 -

      I would really like to see metallic too often we loose jobs because of a requirement for 8003 gold.

    3. Paul Edwards April 20, 2010 -

      We use clear dry ink toners for total coverage high gloss, gloss effects, water marks, security features and dimensional digital print every day

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