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It was Aristotle that said “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” I hate to contradict a great thinker, but I can admit that even though I take pleasure in my job, sometimes not everything will come out perfect.

RBM_updatedCase in point: We recently sent out to the printing and graphic arts community in the US the spring issue of Xerox’s Real Business Magazine. This publication included a special insert showcasing how digital and offset can work in harmony; capturing the advantages of personalization and customization of digital with the economies and speed of traditional offset. Unfortunately a portion of the magazines were mailed with a defect caused by a malfunction in the insertion device used by our printing partner. As a result of this finishing error a visible streak can be detected on the insert. For the average person, the defect might go unnoticed, however, for our print-savvy readers we appreciate that we are held to a higher standard of quality.
On behalf of Xerox, our partners at RB Publishing and our printing/finishing provider, I want to apologize for not meeting that standard with this issue. We will continue to work to demonstrate the amazing quality printers can achieve using both digital and offset together.
By the way, we would love to send a crisp, error-free edition of our spring issue for those who would like to see it. Just email me at the address below and I will send you a clean copy.
Now I am going back to my job to try and make Aristotle happy.
John Ahlman
Editor, Real Business Magazine

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  1. Phil Knight April 14, 2010 -

    Please send copy to
    Phil Knight
    3505 Eastern Ave
    Grand Rapids, MI 49508


  2. Craig April 18, 2010 -

    Do you know the cause of the streaking? Just gonna throw out a guess that it was due to friction???

  3. John Ahlman April 21, 2010 -

    Craig: Thanks for writing to us. That’s a great question! The cause of the marking was due to a faulty suction-fed insertion device.

    Our printing partner made modifications to the device, but was unsuccessful in fully correcting the problem. So they ended up switching insertion devices and completed the run.

    We’d be happy to send you a defective-free copy if you would like one.

    Thanks again for being a Xerox customer, and I appreciate you writing to me.

    Best regards, John

  4. Paul Edwards April 30, 2010 -

    We focused on the example of digital versus offset and not the scratch. The concept was an excellent demonstration of the high quality of the Xerox iGen compared to offset. We have gotten praise from multiple customers on our Xerox iGen quality being superior to the offset on their previous orders.

    Keep up the good work.

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