“Quality’s everything in this business.”

Alan_Walt_4C Matrix Imaging, from Sanborn, N.Y, has been a longtime Xerox customer whose phenomenal success story began more than 20 years ago. After upgrading to a Xerox Nuvera, they have seen the immense potential for new applications and new levels of image quality open up for their business— especially for jobs requiring coated stocks, tight registration, and 100% data and mail integrity. Having a variety of applications from transactional documents to direct mail, they are now a shop that produces millions of impressions a month on their Xerox Nuvera!

The following video tells their story:
Want to see for yourself the quality that thousands of customers have grown to expect from Xerox black & white systems? Get a free set of Nuvera print samples or if you are interested, talk to a Xerox sales rep about how a Xerox Nuvera can add to your shop’s capabilities!

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  1. Joyce May 24, 2012 -

    Quality is really a must within a business.
    And Xerox nuvera have shown a lot of quality service from their business. Thank you Xerox Nuvera!

    Joyce from plan de table mariage 

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