Announcing Your New Direct Marketing Companion!

Are you a marketer that needs to convince senior management the benefits of moving away from a “spray and pray” marketing mentality? Are you a print provider looking to consult customers as to why they should consider doing a 1:1 campaign instead of a static run?
Today we announced our ProftQuick Direct Marketing ROI Planner. With this (FREE) software you can look at your current campaign, and forecast what results would look like if you made changes to that campaign— perhaps by just adding color, incorporating recipient names, or completely personalizing every element on the page.
It’s completely 1:1 software-provider independent, it doesn’t matter if you use PrintShop Mail, Mail Merge, XMPie, GMC, or another variable data software. It is independent of the print engine as well! This is simple a tool created for you, by Xerox, to help demystify whether making changes to a static piece (or taking an already personalized piece to the next level) is worth while.

And whether it is for your use or to advise your customers… you can print out a financial report that visually highlights the break even point of where you (or they) are today and where you can be. Show response and conversation rates, and how much is spent today versus the investment needed to take it to the next level. You can be optimistic or conservative with the scenarios— it’s completely adaptable to a company’s current marketing efforts and future goals. The creation of the piece may cost more, but because it encompasses directed messaging, maybe there is opportunity for a higher response rate: So take that risk out of running the job, and see what results would look like beforehand to answer the question “What if?”.
The Direct Marketing ROI Planner is available for you to download on and includes a variety of currencies.
Will you use this financial tool for your own marketing efforts, or advise your customers on potential opportunities?
Let us know what you think…

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