Building customer relationships is extremely important when it comes to maintaining business. I appreciate when companies I’ve purchased products from check up on me throughout the year, and not just when my time is coming due for a new purchase!  By connecting with your customers on a regular basis, brand loyalty can grow—and brand loyalty is a very powerful tool to have on your side.

Something we developed for Xerox customers, within our suite of ProfitAccelerator Business Development resources, is a really nice collection of customizable calendars which they can print and give to their customers. 
This collection contains source files and high resolution PDF file of colorful calendars for the years 2010, 2011 and 2012.  There are three different themes, and each of these files have areas that allow for personalization as well— whether it is with your customer’s name and logo or your company information promoting your business throughout the year.

These calendars are annual gifts to hand out to help stay in the mind of your customers all year round. And everyone always likes a nice gift!

I’ll send this Customized Calendars Print Kit to the first 10 readers who comment on this post about how you build relationships with your customers!