MediaWare Succeeds with Versioned Digital Packaging

Located in Dublin, Ireland, Mediaware Digital was one of the first Xerox customers to install the Xerox Automated Packaging Solution.  They use it primarily to produce short run on demand packaging for Microsoft’s Windows 7.
So why would Microsoft have a need to produce short run packaging? Because it can be difficult to predict product demand across regions and languages.
By printing cartons using a Xerox iGen4, Mediaware Digital can react quickly to country demands, and have a rapid response within their supply chain.  In the past, supply could take weeks, and now they can turnaround product in less than 24-48 hours.
Xerox was chosen as the best partner for the job because the iGen4 met the needs of Microsoft in regards to sheet size and stock tope, image quality, and consistency; and had an end-to-end solution— a “one stop shop”— that included digital printing, varnishing, stacking, and die-cutting. It’s the integration of the total solution into Microsoft’s supply chain.
Additionally with digital packaging, Mediaware can have an order mix of several hundred orders a day, as opposed to 20-30 high volume orders.  They have the ability to turn around 5 – 6,000 items ready to ship within one to two hours. To see a complete video on Mediaware and Digital Packaging, click here.

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