Waterless is Wonderful, At Least in Print

– by Tracy Yelencsics, vice president, Production Segment & Programs, Xerox Graphic Communication
Some things just work better with water—swimming pools, jet skis, fish tanks—they need a little H2O to keep them humming.  Other things are better without water—astronaut food, basements and smart phones—they just don’t mix well with the liquid substance.
For printers looking to produce high-volume, high-value jobs, the world’s first waterless, high-speed inkjet system from Xerox means no water and more profit.
Leveraging its proprietary solid ink technology, Xerox’s new Production Inkjet System cuts through the barriers of producing massive numbers of custom print jobs – namely, cost, quality and reliability.
Taking water out of the process accomplishes two things: vivid color, because it’s literally not watered down, and the ability to print on light weight, untreated stock, because paper doesn’t have to hold up to the same stuff that forged the Grand Canyon.
This means that the personalization power that comes with digital print, reaches a new level of affordability, making it possible for marketers to customize communications without sacrificing quality.
Pages can be produced quickly and reliably saving money in man hours and waste—and because jobs are printed in full color on demand there will be fewer stacks of pre-printed materials collecting dust.
The technologies inside do everything from monitoring every page and self adjusting if a nozzle isn’t firing properly to precisely controlling every drop and ripping complex jobs at the rated speed of the printer – all with one goal in mind:  more uptime and less operator involvement to maintain performance.
We’re excited about this technology—it allows print service providers to confidently shift their focus from the production process to selling applications that drive their business—and they can leave the water at the beach.

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  1. Thijs February 16, 2011 -

    It looks alright but how durable is it? I was able to remove the print completely by scratching it lightly. How will a print like this hold up in inserting/finishing processes?

  2. Joel Basa February 16, 2011 -

    The printing process in the Xerox Production Inkjet plays a major role in the durability of the output. The new process was designed for the print and mail industry so the output can withstand inserting and finishing processes. In fact we have tested the output in the postal equipment in Belgium, Switzerland, and the US with very good results.

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