On the Launching Pad for Digital Packaging

Written by George Gibson
Manager, Next PIJ Platforms
Xerox Corporation
I have to admit I am sometimes given pause when I realize how much my favorite e-tailers know about me. This isn’t a complaint, by the way, I’ve willingly and knowingly taught them about my birthday, our anniversary, other family members’ birthdays and other significant dates. They know a lot about my taste (send me stuff on hiking, cycling, golfing, gourmet cooking stuff, wine, trips to the mountains and guitar; don’t send me stuff about hockey, hunting, beer and Broadway) and use it, no doubt, to fill my inbox and tailor the ads I see when I visit their web sites.  I actually appreciate it. I’m a busy guy and I don’t want to waste time sorting through a bunch of stuff I’m not interested into get to the goodies.
There is, however, one piece they haven’t started to use to help communicate with me; their packaging. Everything I buy is delivered in the same bland and undifferentiated boxes. My neighbors, buying different things from the same shops get identical boxes. What a missed opportunity! We all know why of course, the economics of printing individual boxes has been horrible.
packaging applicationAll that is about to change. At drupa I firmly expect to see a variety of new products and hear a lot of discussion about how to bring the economics of digital printing to the packaging domain in a way that will signal the revolution of the industry.
Please drop by the Xerox booth at drupa and let us show you how Xerox can help you lead this revolution.  We’ve got printing systems and workflow solutions that’ll allow you to differentiate yourself, creating more value for you and for your customers. I’ll even be talking some on the topic at the Xerox booth. I hope the see you there. We can share thoughts, new product sightings and explore how Xerox can help you because, as one clever tag line I saw a few months ago said, “Sometimes Innovation Involves RE-Thinking The Box.”

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