We'll Never Forget…

Many of us in the print industry are very excited about the start of Graph Expo today in Chicago. However, we all know that today, 9-11-2011,  marks 10 years since the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the United States. We all remember where we were that day. Even this morning, some of my co-workers shared stories of being in Chicago for this very same trade show. Its a day we’ll never forget.
Please take a moment to remember the sacrifices that were taken by the countless people that day. Remember those that lost their life that day and the many families that have been effected. Take a moment to reflect. Take a moment to say thank you.
One simple way to say thank you to U.S. troops is through http://www.letssaythanks.com. If you have a moment, I invite you to do so.

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