This morning we announced the Xerox Color 800/1000 Presses at On Demand! I’ve put together some common questions we’ve received already about this new product… Feel free to add additional questions and thoughts in our comments section!


What is the maximum duplex weight?
The maximum weight for substrates for this engine is 350 gsm (130 lb. cover) coated/uncoated. Also, whether you are printing 4-color or 5-colors, the press runs at rated speed of 80/100 pages per minute.

What kind of toner does the engine have? Does it use fuser oil?
These presses use EA Dry Ink, which is different from traditional toners within the DocuColor 7000AP/8000AP family. This EA Dry Ink is chemically grown and its small consistent particles produce great quality with less ink for smoother transitions. The EA Dry Ink bottles are keyed differently from other Xerox engines, so the EA Dry Inks for Xerox 800/1000 Presses cannot be used in other Xerox EA Toner engines. EA Dry Inks do not use fuser oil and give prints a smooth offset-like finish.

Is Clear Dry Ink similar to the Glossmark from XSIS?
Some of the effects that can be achieved look similar to Glossmark effects, however Clear Dry Ink offers more flexibility and options. Most important, Glossmarks only work on an imaged area. Clear Dry Ink can be applied anywhere allowing you to apply “watermarks” or other decorative effects on white background and/or over an image. Clear Dry Ink can also be used to accentuate a photo or object in a file or to flood the entire sheet. Finally, Clear Dry Ink is easy to use… effects can be added in the file by the designer and identified as a spot color “CLEAR,” or for some applications it can be applied at the DFE, even if the file is a straight 4-color file.

Can I purchase the Clear Dry Ink unit after my initial purchase and installation?
Yes, it can be installed by a service engineer at your site. You would order both the hardware for the press (5th housing kit) and an upgrade for your print server.

Is Xerox Productivity Plus (XPP) required for Xerox customers as part of the maintenance for this press?
Yes. This will empower you to be productive and maximize your available press time, as you will not have to wait for a service call. Our XPP is accompanied by videos, allowing for quick technical knowledge skill transfer and easy comprehension.

Is there increased speed for Black and White jobs?
There is not increased speed for black only jobs. The presses will run at 80/100 pages per minute for Mono, 4-color, or 5-color, all stocks rated speed. If you are running black only jobs, be sure to select Black Only Mode so the CMY housings disengage… this increases the life of your drums and other parts, extending the time between replacements.

When can I order one?
Order taking begins today to support product installations beginning May 17th, 2010.

How can I see samples?
Our sales representatives have all been given a collection of samples to show customers. Please contact your local sales representative.
There has been a lot of buzz around these products and we’d love to hear what you’ve heard so far.

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