How do your characteristics define you?

Written by:
Mamta Moolchandani & Victoria Burlison
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I’m (Vicky Burlison) a Curious Cat. When I say this, I do not mean that I am a soft furred feline who likes to explore. Upon considering a purchase I like to assess all the options, go away, think about it and then nine times out of ten I return to the first shop I entered and purchase the first item I saw. This drives my friend mad, but as I recently explained to him after a 5 hour long shopping expedition; the behaviour is beyond my control.
On the other hand I (Mamta Moolchandani) an Obsessive Compulsive Brochure Collector (OCBC). When walking around fairs my eyes immediately focus on the free literature, I am eager to accept any booklets that are being given out. I always leave with a bag full of brochures detailing everything from how to open your own pet shop to the best way to bathe a child (I have no children). When leaving IPEX 2010 I found my suitcase laden down with print samples, posters and numerous books. I was over the moon!
The type of visitor we are, whether going to a retail shop or to an international trade show, is dependent upon our attitudinal and behavioural characteristics. Which category do you fall into?
Definite: Prospect customers that have already made purchasing decisions prior to entering a shop or tradeshow.
Demonstration Junkies:
Do you pass by shops or tradeshows looking out for activities such as product demonstrations, which attracts you to spend more time in store or on the stand?
Curious Cats:
Do you fall into the same category as me (Vicky), information hunting before making any decisions…
Obsessive Compulsive Brochure Collector (OCBC):
Or are you like me (Mamta) who loves to collect and keep just about anything and everything!
Eye Ballers:
Are you exceptionally keen to gain more information, and may consider purchasing if all of your boxes are ticked?
Do competitions encourage you to interact and purchase?
Keepsakers: Or are you attracted by the freebies being offered?
Dis-interested: We all have those trips where we like to window shop and aren’t too serious about considering buying…unless something special catches our eye!
Do you enjoy networking, socialising and meeting new people from around the world?
Researchers: Instead of going out looking to purchase, do you focus more on extending your knowledge by researching around different products and services? 

Whichever category you fall in to, at drupa 2012, we are looking forward to accommodating your needs. We will be demonstrating revolutionary products and end-to-end workflow solutions for all of you demonstration junkies! Curious Cats will be pleased to hear that we will have industry experts at hand to answer all of your questions, be sure to bring your notepad. OCBC-ers watch out, our print offerings are likely to set you over your luggage allowance on the way home. For those of you looking to win a prize, make sure you register with Xerox @ drupa to be entered in to our draw! On top of that, everyone who registers with us will enjoy a free cup of coffee on us! For those of you browsing, our Cirque du Soleil performances are sure to keep you entertained. For our Socialites, we are putting on a Happy Hour consisting of music and beverages where you can meet people from around the world – on the last opening hour, every day. For all of the researchers out there, make sure you drop by and talk to our keynote speakers.
With 14 days to go, the excitement is really building! No matter your purchasing characteristics, we really cannot wait to see you there.

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