Delight Your Customers

How to Maximize the Success of your Customer Event

By |May 29, 2017|

You want to make sure you achieve the best possible results from your customer event. This means that there is plenty to do when your guests have departed.

3 Ways to Build Sticky Customer Relationships

By |May 1, 2017|

Here are 3 services you can offer clients to ensure they’ll never look to another print supplier.

Why Sticky Customers are the Best Customers

By |Mar 20, 2017|

Don’t suffer from the ‘Curse of the PDF’. Make it harder for your clients to take their business elsewhere by creating true value beyond printing.

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    Have you Considered Customer Events to Promote your Business?

Have you Considered Customer Events to Promote your Business?

By |Mar 6, 2017|

When you start running events that are truly focused on customers, they will see you as more than just a commodity supplier. They will see you as a partner.

Three Key Issues to Consider Prior to a Customer Event

By |Dec 28, 2016|

It can be tempting to think that everything has been done when the replies start coming in. However, there is still plenty you can do to make sure that your event is as successful as possible

Three Reasons You Might Be Losing Bids

By |Oct 13, 2016|

Are you continually losing bids to your competition? You may want to ensure your costs are up-to-date. Here’s how to start.

3 Stories: What Sets These Shops Apart

By |Jun 18, 2015|

Everyone puts “outstanding customer service” on their websites, but these companies really live it out.

VAK: How To Help Prospects Pay Attention To You

By |Nov 6, 2014|

What communication style best resonates with your customers? Here’s a simple trick that can help you get the most out of your next meeting with customers and prospects.

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    Wow Your Audience With PowerPoint (Don’t Send Them To Sleep)

Wow Your Audience With PowerPoint (Don’t Send Them To Sleep)

By |Oct 30, 2014|

How many awful presentations have you sat through? Here are 3 common PowerPoint mistakes to avoid, helping you ensure your audience is not put to sleep.

From Hassle to Happy: Making the Most of Customer Feedback

By |Oct 20, 2014|

If you want to better understand your customers’ experience, who better to ask than…your customers? The Xerox U.S. Metered Supplies team did just that, allowing for one-stop shopping and eliminating guesswork.