Steady Progress Marks First Five Months

Written by Jeff Jacobson
President, Global Graphic Communications
Xerox Corporation

I am now five months into my new job at Xerox and it’s time to share some exciting announcements with you – since staying connected with the Graphic Communications (GC) community is one of my top priorities. 
What has impressed me since joining Xerox is the dedicated and talented group of employees who are completely focused on making the GC industry strong and relevant.  Looking for ways to further strengthen that commitment has been on my “to do” list since joining the company.  
But, I was not going to rush the process. Stepping inside of Xerox, becoming part of its culture,  has given me a greater appreciation of what drives this company day in and day out.  This experience has helped me shape decisions that are critical for the company and most importantly, for the GC industry at large.
Enter Andrew Copley, our new senior vice president of the Graphic Communications Business Group, accountable for our high end production business.   
Andrew’s past leadership roles include chief operating officer of Eastman Kodak’s Graphic Communications Group and president, Americas at Kodak Polychrome Graphics, a Sun Chemical/Kodak joint venture.  Most recently he was with Precision Valve. 
Dustin Graupman has also come on board as vice president of our Inkjet Business. He has more than 20 years experience in the commercial print industry, including at Consolidated Graphics. 
These announcements signify my commitment to leverage all the resources within my power to positively impact an industry that has endless potential. 
Look for more to come.

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  1. Andreas Weber July 20, 2012 -


    Great to read that things are in progress. Checking and analyzing the Xerox Q2 results today I think there is a lot of work to do to build up a new and profitable GC approach in the market. And Xerox will be successful if Xerox help to transform the GC industry.

    Do you agree?

    Please feel free to contact me if you need my support for Europe and specially the german speaking markets.

    All the best,

    Andreas Weber
    CEO Value Communication AG, Mainz. Germany’s leading Business Communications Analyst & Innovation Expert

  2. Hamilton Costa July 20, 2012 -

    Dear Jeff

    It’s is good to hear and see this movement from Xerox toward an even better positioning in GC market. It shows a real commitment in a moment where more opportunities are coming up through PSPs who are becoming even more skilled to take advantage of digital printing technology.

  3. Jeff Jacobson July 20, 2012 -

    Andres, I can assure you that Xerox is poised and ready to help strengthen the GC marketplace. In fact, one of Xerox’s key strategic planks is to maintain our leadership in technology.

    There’s much to be done. My team, along with our partners, are ready to help transform the industry with digital technology, services and solutions that not only address the demands print providers are facing today but more importantly, help them prepare for future challenges and opportunities.

    So, yes, I do agree with you. Xerox’s leadership and involvement are critical components in the renovation of a strong and powerful industry. And, I’ll keep your offer in mind. Thanks.

  4. Jeff Jacobson July 20, 2012 -

    Hamilton, your comments reflect my thoughts exactly. I appreciate your acknowledgment of what Xerox is doing to help PSPs grow and prosper with digital technology, services and solutions. It is an exciting time to support an industry that’s transforming and readying itself for future success.

  5. Ellen Rickson July 24, 2012 -

    It is interesting that you would bring in Andrew Copley,as XEROX new senior vice president of the Graphic Communications Business Group, accountable for High End Production since Kodak has failed several times in that market place. What is wrong with promoting from the dedicated and talented group of XEROX employees?

  6. Jeff Jacobson July 24, 2012 -

    Ellen, thanks for the question. Xerox has long promoted employees from within and we have a strong team in place supporting Xerox’s Graphic Communications business. On the same hand, we are realigning efforts to further strengthen our leadership position in the Graphic Communications industry, and specifically penetrating the commercial print space – and that has led to some new hires. The new organization is called Graphic Communications Operations. While Production is obviously a large part of our operations, we are thinking in a broader context – such as creative agencies, marketers and commercial printers – in order to gain more market share.

    As noted in my blog, Andrew has spent 25 years in the industry, notably with Kodak Polychrome Graphics (which was later acquired by Kodak), which was the market leader in its space.

    The benefits of merging new and existing talents are tremendous – it brings together years of expertise, know-how and the brain power necessary to deliver outstanding technology and services – so we can help the Graphic Communications industry continue to grow and prosper.

    Fresh thinking combined with legacy knowledge is good for our business. I am confident the newly-formed management team has what it takes to succeed.

  7. Kemal Carr July 24, 2012 -

    Like to see the commitment to inkjet, an area Xerox has lagged.

    Now that you have our attention, we’ll be watching.

  8. Jeff Jacobson July 24, 2012 -

    Kemal – always appreciate your attention. We know inkjet’s impact & value on the industry; my game plan is to have Xerox be a key player in this space.

  9. Pat nowotny July 26, 2012 -

    Inkjet is hard market to compete against HP.
    What is troublesome is the dropping of the wide format products such as the 721. Should look at new Kip color box and run with it. Missing a huge architectural and engineering market.

  10. Jeff Jacobson July 27, 2012 -

    Pat, appreciate your insight. Competition is good for the end user – it keeps us all focused on bringing the best technology and services necessary to address the needs of the GC industry.

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