Happy Birthday To Me!

Written By Joel Basa
eMarketing Manager
Xerox Corporation

Yes, it’s my b-day! There is no better way to spend my birthday than writing a blog post as I battle my allergies while sitting in my cube (no sarcasm here). I received many birthday greetings over the past 36 hours. My Facebook timeline is flooded with nice messages, my text message inbox has started to fill and I’ve even received a few e-cards and e-mails.
However, the most memorable and meaningful greetings I’ve received come in good old fashioned print. But the world of greeting cards has changed, although many of you (and me) still spend minutes searching the card aisle at your local grocery store, personalized digitally printed cards have become a more popular and desirable option.
Here’s one of the cards that was sent to me. Personalized using my name but these images were sourced from Facebook.

The world population is 6,973,738,433….that’s a lot of birthdays. If you could send 0.02% of that number a birthday card, that’s 1394747 cards! Is your business capitalizing on the greeting card segment?

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  1. Tami Dobbs July 20, 2012 -

    You bet! We have awesome greeting card customers. We love supporting them and their industry. We can watch their purchaes (quantity) adjust with consumer confidence…smaller quantity purchases as of late becuase of the poor economy. We expect an increase soon. Love print! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEL.

    • Joel Basa July 20, 2012 -

      Thanks Tami! Great to hear printers realize the potential! Thanks for sharing.

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