Happy New Year from the Folks at Gil Hatch!

Written by Christina Vullo
Social Media Marketing Analyst
Xerox Corporation
Celebrate with champagne2012 has come and gone and the new year is about to begin!
We asked people here at the Gil Hatch Center in Rochester, NY to share their favorite way to celebrate the new year, and this is what a few of them said:
“For at least 35 years I have been together with the same group of friends. The group is a little smaller and some only make it every couple of years but a core gets together every year. We rotate host around Rochester . Over the years most of us have been married and our kids join if home. We all bring things to pass and the stories of the last year. By the way this started as a RIT group living at 1186 Lake Av.”
“Well this year I will be spending it with friends and family.  Reflecting back on the past and anticipating what the future holds.  Making resolutions only to probably break them, but not without trying to keep them first.  Every new year I consider a new beginning and hope to live each day true to myself and others.”
“I don’t really have a New Year’s tradition. Last year, I spent the evening playing Words with Friends with friends around the country and enjoying a glass of wine while I was on breaks from painting my bathroom. This year I’ll be heading out for the first time in a long time to dinner with a friend and some late night celebrations. Happy New Year!
How do you bring in the new year? What are your New Year’s traditions?

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