2012 Year in Review: Revisiting the Most Popular Blog Postings from the Past Year – Part 2

In continuation of our post from yesterday, we continue to reveal the most popular blog posts of 2012. Spots 6-4 include a feature on whether digital printing is killing offset, a look into the 4 hottest digital marketing strategies from 2012, and a preview of the Xerox stand at drupa 2012. Enjoy!

6. Is Digital Printing Killing Offset Printing?
TV didn’t kill the radio, but Howie Fenton is interested if digital printing is killing offset printing. Follow his views, as well as readers, who share perspectives on how the rise of digital printing impacts offset.
5. The 4 Hottest Digital Marketing Strategies for 2012.
2012 was pegged as the year that companies with strong brands start taking social media seriously. Read on to see what the 4 hottest digital marketing strategies were for the past year, along with how you can leverage them today.
4. My countdown to drupa 2012 begins…
Jeff Jacobson, President of Xerox Global Graphic Communications Operations, shares an early insight as to what show attendees can expect when attending the drupa 2012 tradeshow and visiting the Xerox stand.
Check back tomorrow for the top-3 most popular blog posts of 2012!

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