2012 Year in Review: Revisiting the Most Popular Blog Postings from the Past Year – Part 3

Written by Bill Michael
Xerox Corporation

Over the past two days we have uncovered 7 of the top blog posts of 2012. Today we will be unveiling the top-3, including popular misconceptions regarding specialty media and the truth of how these substrates can take your business to the next level, a discussion of whether e-books and e-readers are signaling the end of printed books, and finally, how the movie Prometheus used Xerox equipment to capture select sound effects for their blockbuster hit. Hope you enjoy!

3. The Myths About Being Special
Joe Schember, Product Manager of Mohawk, provides an overview of the top-4 myths regarding specialty substrates (including that they are too expensive, too hard to sell, and aren’t compatible with your digital press), and explains why the use of specialty media can help you better meet the needs of your customers.
2. Are E-Books & E-Readers Killing Printed Books:
In 2011, versions of novels in e-book format aimed at adults outsold hardcover versions for the first time. With iPads, Kindle’s, and other e-readers becoming prevalent forces in the marketplace, read the opinions of how Howie Fenton and users think printed books will fare in the near future.
1. Prometheus: Prequel to Aliens & the sweet sounds of Xerox Technology
Did you know Xerox equipment was used in the recording of special effect noises for the blockbuster hit, Prometheus? Listen for yourself and let us know what you envision when closing your eyes and listening to the sounds of some Xerox equipment we captured.

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