Written by Jeff Jacobson
President, Global Graphic Communications Operations, Xerox Corporation


Have you noticed all the attention print has been receiving lately through mass media? From coverage in trendy online outlets like Mashable:  “Print Is Dead? Vogue Has Its Second Biggest Issue Ever” to pubs such as The Atlantic: “The Death of Print Has Been Greatly Exaggerated,” print has been in the limelight lately.

Frankly, that pleases me – and I am betting you feel the same way.

As one of print’s biggest fans, there’s no better time than leading up to PRINT 13 to talk about its value and strength. It has rallied back from the economic challenges that dominated our industry five years ago.

By innovating and transforming itself, print is a vital component of personalized multi-media marketing campaigns – creating emotional connections and memorable impressions in this fast-pace, digital world.

We all believed in print’s resurgence – and you have made that possible with a “not on my watch” attitude. You weren’t about to give up on print’s relevancy – you found new, innovative ways to make it work.  Great  job.

Print Makes Things Real

My passion for print runs deep for a lot of reasons. Here’s one: print makes things real in terms of trustworthiness. Check out this study published by Print in the Mix that showed some interesting results:

  • There is a 10 percent increase in consumers visiting a brand’s website in response to printed direct mail, as opposed to email
  • 56 percent found printed marketing to be the ‘most trustworthy’ of media channels
  • 33 percent would have a negative view of a brand not offering printed communications
  • 48 percent retained direct mailing for future reference, with 17 percent  saying they regularly do so

Print service providers around the world are making money again – producing applications that break traditional molds, creating bold and exciting output.  For example,  GHC (Golden Hope Communications), an integrated marketing service provider based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, developed a creative digital and print marketing campaign for Clinique that resulted in a 303 percent ROI.  That’s pretty amazing, but not surprising, when you consider the power punch print brings to digital.  By the way, the printed piece was a personalized calendar using software from XMPie, A Xerox Company.


Let’s celebrate how far our industry has come and imagine together where we are going.

@XeroxProduction and @XeroxGinaTesta will be doing so using the #PrintWins hashtag on Twitter, as well as Facebook through Xerox Digital Print.

And we encourage you to join the conversation and tell the world how #PrintWins for you and your clients!

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