Deliver Easy, Professional Quality Booklets with Xerox D-Series

In today’s environments, shrinking budgets means educators and businesses are left to find creative ways to control spending. For all businesses in all markets, showing the value they can deliver is critical to their survival.
This means producing cost-effective, high-quality print materials that help all departments exceed their goals and expectations while staying within increasingly constrained budgets.
One such opportunity is by bringing the advantages of color to booklets for use in teacher curriculums, student directories, course packs and in business brochures, catalogues, industry manuals and annual reports or financial statements.
Research shows that color communications help enhance student attention and recall by 82% and improve overall learning by 78%.
But what happens when cost enters the equation? To keep budgets in check, your customers may prefer crisp black-and-white print…but couldn’t they benefit from strategically incorporating color to covers and inserts? How can you deliver this easily and cost-effectively?
Fortunately, with the Xerox D95/110/125/136 Copier/Printer, producing professional-quality booklets that combine color and black-and-white can be accomplished in just a few simple steps…all while achieving the benefits of black-and-white print speeds and cost-efficiencies.
Just open the document, select your imposition and booklet settings, choose any color covers or special pages to add, and send the job to print! With the D-Series Products and Inline Finishing options, you’ll be producing polished finished booklets in seconds…without any manual collation, labor-intensive offline finishing or bulky machinery.
With fast print speeds and robust inline finishing options, the Xerox D-Series Products makes it easy to expand your capabilities with a minimal footprint.
Produce books, booklets,  presentations, brochures and other high-value applications with color covers, inserts, tabs and more. The D-Series’ choice of high speeds, expansive media capacity, and up to eight input feeding options, ensure that it can handle the volumes and flexibility your applications require. It also offers the excellent imaging quality and specialty media versatility needed to create the look and feel readers desire.
An expansive range of inline finishing options provides the flexibility and ease-of-use you need, while the D-Series’ customer replaceable components (CRC) deliver the productivity you can’t live without. To learn more about what the D-Series has to offer, view the online brochure and see the video demonstrating how simple it is to produce professional quality booklets.

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