Customer Replaceable Components: Increasing Productivity with the Xerox D-Series

In today’s print environment, time is money. Fortunately, the Xerox D95/110/125/136 Copier/Printer can help save you both.  It does this through unsurpassed productivity and ease of use, helping to reduce time loss associated with unnecessary downtime.
The D-Series Products have the power to print more for less, all while delivering stunning quality that’s sure to excite.
One of the many advantages of the D-Series Products is the customer replaceable components (CRC).  With just a few simple steps, it’s easy for any operator to change an imaging drum or toner cartridge.  By changing the components on your own, you no longer need to make service calls…which means you can get back to work, faster.
The D-Series Products even allows operators to load and unload paper while the device is running.  This allows for continuous operation which helps to substantially increase productivity.
Like many of our customer replaceable components, the used drums and toner cartridges are recyclable.  Longer photoconductor life and lower toner requirements per page also allow the D-Series to reduce waste and promote environmental sustainability.  Over last 20 years, Xerox supplies recycling programs have kept more than 145 million pounds of waste out of landfills!
With the use of customer replaceable components and productivity-packed features, the Xerox D95/110/125/136 Copier/Printer can help increase your productivity while remaining environmentally sustainable.  To learn more about what the D-Series has to offer, view the online brochure and see the video demonstrating how easy customer replaceable components are to use.  Look for future articles and videos highlighting  other features and benefits of the Xerox D-Series.

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