Four Ways Print Providers Can Make Money with Social Media

How can graphic communications companies make money from social media? In sessions at the Print on Demand Initiative AppForum in Las Vegas last week (Jan. 25-27), Jeffrey Stewart and Robin Tobin of Trekk Cross Media described four ways:

  • · By helping clients create a social media plan or strategy
  • · By guiding clients in developing an editorial calendar, which is an organized schedule for delivering content
  • · By helping clients integrate social media with existing marketing and public relations communications
  • · By serving as an aggregator of qualified leads developed in social media

Many companies have neither the time nor the expertise to take advantage of opportunities with social media. Print and graphic communications companies can fill this need.

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  1. Rob February 8, 2010 -

    We are currently offering our “religious and NGO” customers a social media strategy. Once they get over the initial fear they find it really works. We find it is easier to launch such a plan/strategy when it is combined with print. It ultimately grows the customer and also our print runs with them

  2. Lindsay Lamb February 10, 2010 -

    That’s fantastic! I agree with you that social media works best when you combine it with print… integrated marketing is extremely important and the more touches you have, the greater chances of success.

    I have run into that “fear” factor you mentioned. When helping others with social media what I find that works is (the second bullet) creating a calendar so they can take baby steps into a space that is extremely beneficial, yet intimating to many.

    By integrating social media into your offerings for your customers, I think you will really grow your business!

  3. Ruvell August 27, 2011 -

    A wonderful job. Super helpful ifnomartoin.

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