The Xerox iGen4 EXP and the largest sheet size in class


iGen4 EXP Press Paper Tray
iGen4 EXP Press Paper Tray
During the first day of the show, I’ve spent time at our new digital press, the Xerox iGen4 EXP, looking at samples we’ve been printing on the 14.33” x 26” sheet. They have samples that range from large posters all the way down to a small 4-panel pamphlet in a roll-fold.
This sheet size produces multi-up jobs such as full-size tri-fold brochures, postcards and greeting cards, or extra large book covers and jackets on a 14.33″ x 26″ (364mm x 660mm) sheet size. The new product brochure is printed on this sheet, and it really looks impressive.
The iGen4 EXP prints the largest sheet size at 40 sheets per minute which is essentially 120 8.5″ x 11″ (A4) impressions per minute; meaning you can get more jobs through your shop.
Along with the extra large sheet size, is a paper module modified to hold the 26″/660mm sheet, and an extra large stacker, to ensure you can collect the output and easily deliver it to an offline bindery for cutting, coating, and other finishing.
The application I’m holding in my hands was printed on this extra large sheet. What applications would you choose to print on a sheet of this size?

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  1. Simon Hall October 4, 2010 -

    Nice for printing bespoke wrapping paper, I wonder if there’s a market for that, a bit like bespoke cards? Could save us printers a bit of money too with a sheet size that big. One of the main issues with digital printing is the “pay per click”. Fine for short-run, not so good when the quantities start to rise.

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