Print Three’s Campaign in a Box

Written by Stephen Dugal, Owner of Print Three
Direct marketers are well aware of the benefit 1:1 cross-media campaigns bring to marketing programs. However, some large and small companies are challenged with budgets that affect how they implement a campaign that is both 1:1 and cross media. Here at Print Three, our “Campaign in a Box” program enables companies, both small and large, to implement a 1:1 cross-media campaign and targets specific vertical markets without the overhead.
Print Three’s “Campaigns in a Box” programs include pre-designed vertical market marketing pieces that promote almost any market, from Real Estate to Dentistry, and Auto Dealerships to Financial…. and many more. A customer provides a list and we utilize XMPie to create the personalized campaign. The campaign’s mail pieces are then printed on a Xerox DocuColor 8002.

Campaign in a Box - Dentistry

Let’s take a closer look at a Dental office. The “in a box” campaign for dentistry includes a pre-designed personalized postcard to respond and receive a significant discount off your next cleaning. The postcard contains a PURL that gathers additional information from the recipient. The user submits their information and receives a personalized e-mail or direct mail piece that they can bring into the dental office to receive their discount. The Print Three program provides a turn-key solution at a reduced cost.
These technology based marketing campaigns are pre-designed for designated vertical markets, allowing companies large and small to use advanced marketing techniques without the overhead. To learn more, please join Print Three, Xerox and XMPie at Direct Marketing Day at Your Desk on March 15. It’s a virtual conference and event you can attend without leaving the office. To register, click here.

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