EU Services Creates Web-to-Print Variable Brochure for Sales Force

Written by Bert Salter, Business Development Manager
Like most sales-driven companies, EU Services is constantly trying to arm its sales people with up-to-date and relevant information for prospective clients. Now, we all know that sales people can be complainers, particularly about not having the right material needed to send to prospects and customers.  Meeting the wants and needs of 13 sales reps – and their personalities – can be quite challenging for any marketing department.
It came as quite a shock when the idea for an on-demand variable brochure solution was embraced by almost the entire sales team. The concept was driven to execution by Cindy Kilgore, Creative Development Manager at EU Services. Knowing all too well the difficulty of keeping up with the moving target of a demanding sales force, she was excited to develop a flexible mail format and ordering solution.  It meant reps could finally feature various combinations of services with personalized, on-demand collateral without impacting her department or marketing. We were also enthusiastic to take an “eat your own dog food” approach to the innovative marketing we offer to our clients.
After interviewing the sales reps and gathering a rather long wish list of how a solution for rep-customized and personalized marketing pieces would work, she sprang into action. Working closely with both the Sales, Marketing and MIS departments, the brochure and ordering process took shape over a period of 4 months. The end result is a variable digitally printed 11 x 17 brochure that each sales person can send to contacts in the company CRM system.  The brochure highlights EU Services’ direct mail capabilities and supporting services and solutions. Each piece features one main solution, which is selected by the sales rep, and up to 3 supporting ones.  The brochure offers an area for a customized “sticky” note, sales rep information (with optional photo), and the ability to select a client testimonial related to the vertical market or solution targeted. The piece also contains personalized cover imagery highlighting the recipient’s name, which is what shows through the full picture window of a 9×12 envelope.
EU ServicesThe Brochures can be ordered by the sales team for brochures printed – and mailed, if desired – within 24 hours. They can choose from multiple delivery options including PDF via email, delivery straight to the rep or directly to mail. After orders are placed, the brochures are created using the XMPie composition engine and are produced early each morning on our Xerox iGen3. The best part is that sales reps are actually using this collateral to market to customers every day.  It’s a miracle!  Future plans are to add to the site a multitude of letters and other resources to include in the mailings that are sent out.
EU Services will be joining both Xerox and XMPie at Direct Marketing Day at Your Desk, an online tradeshow that you can attend today from the comfort of your desk. To attend, simply click here and register.

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  1. Alin Jacobs March 15, 2011 -

    An interesting application for variable data communications (VDC). I’m curious, has there been any noticeable difference in conversion rates?

  2. Bert Salter March 15, 2011 -

    Hi Alin. Great question. We are still in the early phases. Right now our biggest success is excitment by our sales force to be prospecting again. They have gotten great feedback from those who have recieved it. It is working well as both a gate buster and follow up to appointments thy have already conducted.

  3. Peter Muir March 23, 2011 -

    Bert, Nice job by you and the EU team by continuing to use education to help you drive your opportunities. Thanks for the article!

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