My countdown to drupa 2012 begins…

Written By Jeff Jacobson
President, Xerox Global Graphic Communications Operations
Like many in the graphic communications industry, I am counting down the days until drupa 2012. For starters, it will be my first official trade show as Xerox’s president of the Global Graphic Communications Operations. New to Xerox, but not to the industry, I plan on spending as much time as possible with customers, partners and prospects – listening and learning about their business and helping them understand the benefits of digital print in order to grow and prosper.
Joining Xerox in a drupa year is an extra bonus. I get an inside look at how Xerox pulls off a show of this size and scope. And, I’m not surprised to see the “all hands on deck” attitude by so many employees.
But how can it be any other way when we’re shipping tons of equipment, welcoming 100,000+ show goers to our 25,000 square foot stand, providing hundreds of hours of educational and networking sessions and offering daily performances by Cirque du Soleil® – that’s more than forty performances by show’s end.
The stand’s theme – “Helping customers focus on what matters most” – is spot-on. For those of you who know me, you know the value I place on the customer. We designed a stand filled with information that will help customers build a sustainable, profitable business – and that means offering a comprehensive package of digital hardware, software and consulting support.
It’s exciting when the vision matches reality – and there’s no doubt in my mind that Xerox’s stand will be a popular destination for all the right reasons.
Just a few days into my new job and I am already seeing that our presence at drupa mirrors what’s most important to me: we’re planting the seeds to earn the right to be the industry market leader. I invite you to see how we’re doing this – click to read more about our commitment to drupa…and our customers.

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  1. Andreas Weber February 21, 2012 -

    Hi Jeff, I like your approach. And “Cirque du Soleil” fits perfectly to drupa and the GA business circus…

  2. Jeff Jacobson February 21, 2012 -

    Andreas, thanks for reading my blog. As far as Cirque du Soleil is concerned, they get my vote for being creative, innovative and fearless – characteristics needed to prosper in today’s GC industry. See you at drupa.

  3. Frank Romano February 22, 2012 -

    Glad to see that you are right into the heart of it all. Will you be in tights?

  4. Jeff Jacobson February 23, 2012 -

    Great to hear from you, Frank. Thanks. You know I’d do anything for the graphic communications industry, but me in tights definitely won’t help

  5. Gerry Nathe February 28, 2012 -

    Congrats on the move to Xerox—and best wishes with your new responsibilities. (I think you made a good decision to deflect Frank’s inquiry about wearing tights.)

  6. Jeff Jacobson February 28, 2012 -

    Gerry, thanks for following the conversation. I am into my second week at Xerox and things are going very well.

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