True or False? Investment in Direct Marketing has risen versus investment in general advertising.

True or False? The marketing department and its surrogate creative agencies have been the greatest source of corporate opportunities for graphic communications providers.

The answer to both of these questions is a resounding TRUE.  So how do you tap into this key market? For years, it was enough to simply deliver attractive printed collateral pieces and/or advertising promotions. But the game has changed.  More consumers use “always-on” electronic media. The media landscape is increasingly complex and ever changing. Marketers have change their approach and have an increased need to show ROI.

The following three of seven tips are a sampling of a Xerox Whitepaper: Seven Tips for Selling to Direct Marketers:

  1. Target the right prospects: Know your customers. Rank who is most profitable and understand their industry. Also, sell more to your current customers as they are often have “low hanging fruit” for you business. Once you identify your high value customers, target prospects that resemble them.  When venturing outside your “comfort zone, “choose wisely.  Focus on the areas that offer the greatest potential return.
  2. Demonstrate your market knowledge: Did you know that 92% of marketers said they would engage in a sales discussion if an agency produced some research or insights in their vertical category (MediaPost, The Winterberry Group)? Finding this insight is the challenge. Trade publications, web searches, magazines, newsletters are all sources of information. However, one creative way to understand the market is to become a customer of your target. No better way to learn more about their business then doing business with them.
  3. Communicate your value proposition: “The mark of many successful graphic communications companies is their ability to serve as trusted advisors who lead customers to new and innovative solutions. “ Defining your business with a value proposition that reflects a realistic understanding of what you do well and what you don’t. Once you can articulate that you’re a step closer to being a trust advisor to your customers.

The remaining 4 tips are: Overcome objections from prospective customers, Leverage data to drive results, Capture powerful synergy by integrating multimedia campaigns and Build windows of opportunity

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