A Closer Look at the Growth Projected in Digital Printing

By Mary Roddy
Marketing Manager, Premier Partners Global Network
Xerox Corporation
Digital color printing continues to deliver the best opportunities in our industry. Among print technologies, it’s the only one that’s growing and the only one projecting continued growth. And the rates are impressive. InfoTrends expects page volume to grow by 15.1 percent compounded annually from 2010 to 2015 and retail value by more than 5 percent.
A Fall 2011 survey of Xerox Premier Partners, a group of leading graphic communications providers, corroborates these rosy views, but with a twist. The corroboration: 81.8 percent reported that digital printing enables them to expand their business, and 72.5 percent said it generates new revenues.
The twist: 71.3 percent report that “Graphic communications providers will go out of business if they offer only print and distribution.” So, while digital printing continues to be a bright spot, a more fundamental transformation of the business is necessary for continued prosperity, according to these industry leaders.
Turning observations like these into a business strategy typically doesn’t happen in a vacuum. That’s one reason why the Xerox Premier Partners Global Network was formed — to give leading graphic communications providers a forum for sharing their insights with other leaders from around the world. The next opportunity is at drupa in Dusseldorf, Germany this May. More than 350 Xerox Premier Partners are expected to gather May 3-4, as the trade fair opens, for a global congress to consider ways to capture these opportunities.
It promises to be one of the most valuable gatherings of the year —a collegial setting for making sense of the industry’s largest and most influential trade show, and of the latest twists and turns in our industry. Consider joining us. It’s a members-only event, but there’s still time for non-members to become Xerox Premier Partners.
What are you expecting at drupa? Wouldn’t you benefit from sharing your experience with industry leaders from around the world?

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  1. Emma Coakes April 23, 2012 -

    It’s not just what can be picked up from industry leaders but the general buzz of trade gatherings from other attendees. Attending them is one of the best ways of picking up the trends and generally what is going on in your industry.

    • Joel Basa April 24, 2012 -

      We definitely agree with you Emma!

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