Digital Printing At The Summit

Written by Brian R. Walsh
Marketing Operations, U.S. Graphic Communications
Xerox Corporation
There’s no disputing it: Demand for traditional printing has dropped significantly in recent years.  But that shouldn’t be keeping you up at night.
To examine new trends developing in the printing industry, Xerox recently put together a “Focus Forward” event which took place at the  top of the tallest skyscraper in Minneapolis.  Included in the discussion:  an IT analyst, a printing consultant, and two leading Twin Cities printing leaders.
Right out of the gate, industry analyst Marco Boer offered optimism saying, as the number of printed pages continues to decrease, “digital production is saving the industry.”
Mike Wolfgang of Vivid Print Solutions says he saw the downward trend develop more than a decade ago and when it was apparent it would last, “successful” printers had already begun to adapt.

Part of that process, according to Chuck Reese of, was to develop online sales.  That move, along with the attrition of printers who didn’t adapt to the market’s changing needs, has helped boost his company’s year over year growth by 250%.  Reese adds that efficiency is the key for keeping costs low while printing an increasing amount of smaller jobs.
NAPL Consultant Howie Fenton says digital printing‘s future will be forged, in part, by technologies that bridge the gap between mobile media and print.
Boer capped off our DPS by saying that while the nation’s 100-billion dollar printing business is shrinking, there’s still plenty of business to go around for companies willing to adapt to the changing needs of customers.
To see when Focus Forward is coming to a city near you, go to

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