Written by Fred Ramsey
Worldwide Marketing Product Manager, Xerox Corporation

Do you know the significance of today? If you were wearing your mathematical cap this morning when glancing at your mobile device or calendar, perhaps you associated today’s date, March 14th (3.14) with Pi Day. Pi, the Greek letter π, is the symbol that is used to represent a constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. As an irrational number, the digits beyond its decimal point continue infinitely without repetition or pattern.

There are many unique ways to celebrate Pi day; observing the history of pi, baking and eating pies (blueberry is my personal favorite), telling pi jokes, seeing how many digits of pi you can memorize (my son has memorized 27 decimal places)…the list goes on, much like pi itself.

The Xerox Color 560/570 Printer has found its own unique and fun way to celebrate National Pi Day, highlighted by a print application printed on 11”x17” (279.4mm x 431.8mm) paper, complete with more than 500,000 digits of pi, in 0.6 font contained within a 6” x 13” area. We’re talking about text that is just 1/100th of an inch high and requires a magnifying glass or loupe to legibly read.

Print Sample Printed on Xerox Color 550/560, Showcasing 500,000 Digits of Pi with 0.6 Point Font.

This print sample with its insanely small text illustrates much more than just some fancy magic trick you can whip out during cocktail hour to impress your friends. Think of the real-world usages enabled through the Xerox 560/570, its outstanding image quality with 2,400 x 2,400 dots per inch (DPI) print resolution and the patented Xerox specialty imaging security print technology, such as:

MicroText (text printed at smaller than 1 point size)
Correlation marks (printed text that is only visible when superimposed by a ‘key’ overlay)
GlossMark text (printed text that isn’t visible on straight-on view but becomes visible under inclined illumination)
FluorescentMark/InfraRed text (printed text that is only visible under UV/black-light or in the dark with an infrared camera)

All of these specialty imaging technologies provide outstanding opportunities for you to provide your customers with applications rich with security features, such as coupons, tickets, ID badges for university students or employees, and invoices.

The ability to print such small text is a good example of the 2,400×2,400 DPI of the Xerox 560/570 in action, offering incredible production capabilities and image quality at a value price. As you can imagine, there are real-world benefits to being able to address the smallest of dot sizes. Greater print resolution and more accurate dot control allows for even print coverage and better density while using less toner. And by using less toner, supplies costs are kept in check. With special polyester EA low melt toner, the 560/570 output fuses to polyester in a chemically bonding way, ensuring outstanding image quality on specialty substrates such as plastic, polyester and more.

What digital print applications do you think are prime examples to effectively utilize specialty imaging and security print technology?

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