March Madness Meets the Print Industry: Bracket full of Digital Print Success Stories

Written by Bill Michael
eMarketing Manager, Xerox Corporation

Digital Print Success Story Bracket

Here in the United States, we have this phenomenon known as the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. March Madness. The Big Dance. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? It overtakes schools, media, and the workplace, turning even the casual sports fan into a hyper-enthusiast.
In the spirit of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, we put together a fun little bracket of our own for the digital print industry, complete with a collection of digital print success stories going head-to-head in regions such as Books/Manuals, Direct Marketing, Packaging, and Transactional/Promotional. Much like the actual tournament itself, this field serves as a good comparison to see what strategies the industry is employing, how they’ve found value in doing so, and how you can implement those successes into your everyday business. And while this is obviously a theoretical simulation, it begs the question: Which success stories do you see coming out of each region?
Books/Manuals Region
The Books/Manuals region takes place in both static and personalized form, and competes in formats such as magazines, coffee table editions, booklets and combinations of offset and digital.
Participants in the field include:

  • A printer who was able to exceed customer’s expectations by turning around dissertation books with incredibly short notice and below budget, resulting in a strong customer relationship and an increase in their book production volume of 300% for the following year.
  • A 100% variable magazine, with 60 pages of content tailored to each individual reader, providing better definition of segments, and thus greater demand from advertisers. Targeted advertisements saw 256% more leads than static advertisements.

Direct Marketing Region
The highly competitive and metric-focused Direct Marketing region includes participants in the client-focused and self-promotional spaces, and contains the gamut from print-exclusive offerings to cross-media approaches with technologies such as PURLs and QR Codes.
Participants in the field include:

Packaging Region
Participants of the Packaging region include B2C and B2B offerings, relying on competitive advantages such as short-run capabilities, quick turnaround times, and highly-personalized output achieved through web-to-print solutions.
Participants in the field include:

Transactional/Promotional Region
The Transactional/Promotional region takes place in many venues, including industries such as airline, telecommunications, financial, and health services with participants boasting integration of relevant, personalized promotional messaging to complement transactional statements.
Participants in the field include:

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