March Madness Bracket of Print Applications

Written by Bill Michael
eMarketing Manager (Social and Web), Xerox Corporation

Bracket of Print Samples
If you are a sports enthusiast or stay current with general pop culture topics, you may be aware that yesterday was ‘Selection Sunday’, paving the path for the furious arrival of March Madness brackets.
For fanatics of the tournament, Selection Sunday is where the fun begins – as participants are placed, seeds are handed out and match-ups are determined.
But even non-sports enthusiasts have found ways to get into the action! The tournament inspires a variety of spin-off brackets, pitting fun and theoretical match-ups against one another. Star Wars character brackets, breakfast cereal tournaments, tournaments of TV shows, brackets of soups. The list goes on and on.
Why not a tournament of print applications?
Personalized Gift Packaging
You have undoubtedly delivered some amazing solutions solving your customers biggest challenges. Remember that cross-media campaign you helped create to drive attendance to your client’s big event? Or how about the time you redesigned and personalized your client’s transactional statements – helping reduce their call center costs and increase cross-selling opportunities? And don’t forget about that coffee-table book you produced helping position their products as luxury items.
Have you ever thought of which project was the greatest? Which solution would win in a tournament setting, hands-down?
Here’s some print solutions we think would thrive in a tournament face-off. Comment below and share stories of the greatest print solutions you’ve delivered to clients!

  • Nearly 50% of Clinique’s top customers visit personalized landing page for a colorful, custom calendar
    Cosmetic brand, Clinique, wanted to build customer loyalty and strengthen relationships with their top 2,000 customers in Malaysia. Golden Hope Communications helped create a personalized direct marketing campaign, where customers were sent an email letting them know they were being rewarded with a personalized calendar. To claim, the customer was instructed to visit their PURL, customize their calendar by inputting dates of special occasions, and select one of the 56 Clinique locations where the calendar could be picked up.The results? 47% of customers visited their PURL, with 672 calendars being produced and all calendars being collected within two-weeks. Of those picking up their calendars, 13% purchased cosmetic products while at the Clinique location – resulting in a 303% ROI.

Personalized Gift Packaging

  • Personalized chocolate boxes net $100,000 in a single holiday season.
    To grow their business, De Budelse is always evaluating niche markets to see if opportunities exist for premium application offerings. They saw lucrative opportunities in short-run, customized digital packaging – enabling consumers to quickly and easily personalize boxes of chocolates and send them as gifts.With the help of an intuitive storefront and touchless workflow, customers were able to select pre-existing templates and customize with text and images. The end product was a high-quality, personalized box of chocolates with custom wrappers. During the Christmas season alone, De Budelse sold over 11,000 personalized boxes for a net total of $100,000 – growing to $225,000 in the five months that followed.
  • Redesign of bond statements generates new business and reducing costs for investment management provider
    Legal & General, a leading provider of insurance, savings and investment management in the UK, was looking to redesign the bond statements they sent to members. These statements had traditionally been printed as black and white loose-leaf sheets and manually inserted into three-ring binders. As a results, sheets were often misplaced leading to customer confusion, dissatisfaction and high call-center costs.MBA Group provided a solution, helping to redesign the statements in full color and produced as saddle-stitched booklets. The results? Lower call center costs, V.A.T. savings of over ₤15,000 and 30x more customer survey responses than anticipated.

Looking for more innovative stories and digital print solutions? Get some inspiration from our library of over 180 case studies, featuring providers just like you meeting the challenges of their clients with unbelievable solutions.
Have a story you’d like to share? Ready, Set, Go – Fill out those brackets!

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