Leveraging a Self-Promo Direct Marketing Campaign to your Benefit

Written by Bill Michael
eMarketing Manager, Xerox Corporation

Best-of-the-Best Winner CopyCat ASYour digital printing capabilities allow you to provide your customers with benefits such as quicker turnaround times, shorter-runs at lower costs, and value-added services such as variable data printing and personalization. In the process, you reap benefits such as elimination of warehousing costs and reduced waste. Your customers appreciate the low prices you offer to print their latest company collateral run of 200. They find it extremely useful that the hard proofs you send them are accurate and representative of their final product. And they’ve surely come to rely on your two-day (…and even as it makes you cringe, the sometimes same-day) turnaround that you’ve become known for. But how can you be sure that your customers of today and tomorrow know about your many other services and offerings? What better way to demonstrate these to your customers and prospects, first hand, than through a self-promotional direct marketing campaign!
In a prior blog post we discussed the importance of self-promo campaigns, but let’s take a look at how a 2011 Xerox Best-of-the-Best Winner, CopyCat AS of Norway, put their plan into action. Their direct marketing campaign promoted an upcoming open house event, showcasing their capabilities – trusted, true and new – and resulted in 20 orders from brand new customers.
When CopyCat purchased their new Xerox Color 1000 Press with clear dry ink capabilities, they wanted to not only spread the great news to customers and prospects, but also show them what this new technology could offer. Clear dry ink provided an almost limitless range of creative possibilities, allowing their customers’ printed images to pop off the page with selective spot or flood effects, creative patterns, and gloss marks. CopyCat wanted to invite customers and prospects to attend an upcoming open house event, giving them a chance to see their new technology and to meet their friendly staff.
CopyCat decided to show off their direct marketing capabilities by producing a cross-media invitation, complete with clear dry ink effects and a QR code taking recipients to their own personalized response webpage. By teaming up with local photographers, they were able to capture recipient attention by featuring provoking imagery. Photographers made up a portion of CopyCat’s customer base and prospect list, so the print quality and use of clear dry ink within the campaign really resonated with that audience. Personalization was integrated into each piece using XMPie uDirect, opening the minds of the many recipients to CopyCat’s direct marketing services that they were previously unaware of.
1,800 invitations were produced and sent, generating a response rate of over 10 percent and a conversion rate of 50% – filling CopyCat’s open house event. An additional 130 respondents that couldn’t attend the event requested more information on CopyCat’s business and services. Best of all, as a result of the convergence of this creative campaign with a tangible call to action and an appealing offer, CopyCat received 20 orders from brand new customers in the weeks following the event. The potential lifetime value of these new customers and the lasting impact it could have for CopyCat is something I’m sure they are very excited about.
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