Four Strategies To Sell Variable Data Printing Effectively

Written by Matthew Parker
Print Industry Consultant

Choosing the right way to sell VDP
Choosing the right route to drive can be difficult
Do you take the fast motorway route? Sometimes that can involve many more miles.
Alternatively, you could take the most direct route. But that could mean risking slow back roads, not to mention all the potential navigation problems.
It’s the same when you are selling variable data print solutions
There are many different ways you can try and sell these sorts of services to a client. However, it is generally necessary to use a rather different route than traditional print sales.
Companies that use this different route are more likely to create a better partnership with a new customer. They will have more control over the prospect’s decision making. And in the end, this well help both sides achieve what they want from a variable data campaign.
Here are four strategies that will help take you down this different route.
1. Choose the right contact
Traditional print specifiers and buyers are often not the best people to approach for this type of work. They are very focussed on the mechanics of print. Sometimes they are not always open to doing things in a new way. And they are usually very price conscious.
Generally, the people most receptive to these sorts of solutions will be the marketing team. Other potential prospects are senior financial management.
Why should you focus on these people? They will understand the concept of return on investment. By nature, they are results-driven individuals. Many of them will be focussed on results more than cost. That’s a second pointer for you.
2. Focus on the results, not the process
There is one key issue that will be of interest to your prospects: the results of the campaign. They will want to know how you can help them achieve their goals more effectively. They will generally be happy to focus on return on investment rather than pure cost.
However, they will also want proof. That’s where the third strategy comes in.
3. Use case studies
Case studies will help convince these sorts of prospects, especially if they are in the same market sector. We recently discussed how to create effective case studies
There is one final strategy you should be aware of.
4. Keep your pitch simple
These sorts of contacts are generally not particularly interested in the technology. They don’t want software demos. They won’t understand the technical language of these technologies.
If you want to keep your prospects engaged, you need to remember to live in their world. That means using simple language. And making sure that everything is clear to a non-technical person.
Remember the four strategies of selling VDP

  1. Choose the right contact
  2. Focus on the results, not the process
  3. Use case studies
  4. Keep your pitch simple

Hopefully, your sales map is clear. Now you just need to make the right decision on the best route to take in your next sales meeting!
Editor’s Note: This post is part of a larger series on how to effectively sell Variable Data Printing:

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