Add a Handwritten Touch to Your Next Multichannel Marketing Campaign

(Guest post by Josie Stein, Marketing and Communications Manager at XMPie. @josiedaisy)
In an age where digital typography rules, there’s nothing more personal – or special – than receiving a handwritten note.
Today, print, digital, mobile and social channels are among the most common ways to communicate, and across the board, brands, marketers and print providers rely heavily on digital type to craft their messages. But think back to the last time you received a handwritten note in the mail. What impact did it have on you?
Handwritten messages are impactful because they’re unusual and signify permanence. In our wired world where we’re bombarded with direct mail, emails, tweets and WhatsApp messages, handwritten text can be a unique ingredient in the mix for building convincing personal experiences across all touch points and demonstrating to the consumer how much you value their business.

How can marketers mimic the art of handwriting on a large scale and across different touch points?

The XMPie multichannel platform includes a range of integration modules, extensions and plug-ins that enhance functionality and integration with other workflows. is one of our newest platform extensions. With this integration, users can include authentic-looking handwriting in their business communications and add a personalized touch to their direct mail and omnichannel marketing campaigns. It’s a great way to grab consumers’ attention and stand out from the crowd.

Digital Handwriting Technology for Multichannel Communications is a patented API that enables use of true-to-life digital handwriting across print and digital media. Businesses use to add personality and flair to their communications – eyeing for more meaningful relationships with their customers.
And, this is NOT just another handwriting font; it’s so much more.’s technology turns typed text into authentic digital handwriting. Every instance of a letter is unique, giving the authentic and imperfect feeling of handwriting. All of the handwriting styles come from human handwriting that has been digitized. Marketers and brands have many options to choose from, so they can find the style consistent with their aesthetic and branding.
XMPie users have access to a wide range of handwriting styles – from cursive to neat print and everything in between. Handwriting sets can be directly created from inside a campaign’s logic and then used across multiple media channels.
One example of digital handwriting in an omnichannel campaign in action is this marketing campaign from XMPie customer, ActionHQ. They used the integration for a cool lead generation campaign styled around Master Chef team challenges. The cover letter, address label and return address label were printed using new handwriting technology, and the campaign achieved an unprecedented 88% conversion rate!, when integrated within XMPie’s multichannel communications platform, automates and adds a uniquely personalized touch that offers brands a distinctive way to engage with their customers and, in turn, drive results.

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