Capturing spot colors with an ES-1000 (Part 4)

When it comes to spot colors, we’ve already talked about what spot colors are, creating and using new spot color groups, and how to use Fiery Spot-On to manage and fine tune spot colors. Today I’d like to focus on capturing spot colors with an ES-1000 Spectrophotomter.
If you have an ES-1000 spectrophotometer you can use it to capture a spot color from an object or hard copy print out. This is especially helpful if the color you want to reproduce is not known to be part of any color matching system.
Make sure your ES-1000 is plugged in to the computer where Command WorkStation5 is loaded. This can either be on the Fiery Server when there is a keyboard, monitor and mouse (KMM) connected, or a networked PC or Mac. Note that some Fiery controllers do not allow KMM connections.
Follow the procedures in the preceding section “Creating and using a new Spot Color group” to make a new group, or select an existing custom made group that may have been created before.
Click on [Instrument] and select “EFI ES-1000”
Make sure that the ES-1000 is squarely sitting on the cradle and that no dust or obstructions are inhibiting the head.  Click “Calibrate” and wait for the window to close.
Right click in the white space while your custom group is selected and select [Add Color]
A search pattern window will open.  Name your new color.  In this example I am capturing the color of a blue candy so I am using “MM_Blue”.
Carefully position the head of the ES-1000 over the target object and click the button on the device as shown.  The color will now appear in the search pattern window.  You can further refine this color by printing the search pattern as described in the section entitled “Fine tuning a spot color using Spot-On” or simply click “OK” to complete.  Your new color will be selected any time a spot color with the exact same name (case sensitive) is used within an application.
Stay tuned for my next post about creating and using substitute colors with Spot-On!

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