Color Management

Color Management Gets Real

By |Aug 16, 2016|

Learn how you can get consistent color across multiple presses, at one or multiple locations, each and every time you print.

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    Digital Printing Takes Work from Offset: Is Advanced Imaging a License to Steal?

Digital Printing Takes Work from Offset: Is Advanced Imaging a License to Steal?

By |Jul 12, 2016|

Learn how quality advancements in digital printing, specifically among tonal and spatial resolution and 10-bit processing, is blurring the lines between digital and offset.

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    When to Use 5-Color Extended Gamut Printing and How to Determine its Value

When to Use 5-Color Extended Gamut Printing and How to Determine its Value

By |Jun 7, 2016|

New advancements, such as Extended Gamut Printing, are making it possible to achieve a greater number of spot colors. But how do you know when its necessary to use a 5-color process, or if 4-color printing will suffice?

Foolproof Method to Profitably Produce Business Cards

By |Mar 3, 2014|

For print providers, business cards represent an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships and probe about other work. But it can also be a low-margin and demanding job with color and registration challenges. See how the Xerox Color C75 and J75 Presses simplify these tasks with automated capabilities.

Web-Hosted Color Management Opens New Doors for Color Automation and Consistency

By |Nov 11, 2013|

Do you struggle with the challenge of maintaining consistent color across digital presses? What if this process could be simplified by using a single color management solution for an entire fleet? And what if that solution was web-hosted, allowing you to remotely access and respond to the status of all your presses?

Photo Customers Want Color Consistency as well as a “Pretty Picture”…

By |Oct 16, 2013|

How could your business be impacted by a color management solution providing fast and simple profile creation to help you achieve and manage greater color consistency across your fleet of digital presses? See what Xerox MatchAssure has to offer.

Delivering Value to your Clients: Expand your Offerings with Performance, Image Quality and Automation

By |Apr 23, 2013|

In the ultra-competitive print industry, it is clear that your customers of today and tomorrow have choices. What sets your business apart? Is it your technology, variable data services, or fast turn-around times? After outsourcing £1,000 worth of work per month to local digital printers, British printer, KJB, shares their experience venturing into digital print with a new Xerox DocuColor 8080, allowing the company to tap into new growth opportunities.

The 5 Senses At drupa 2012: Best of the Best Winners

By |May 2, 2012|

Written By Bill Michael
Marketing Analyst
Xerox Corporation

You know them: hearing, sight, touch, smell, taste. At drupa, each of your senses will be put to great use, as

3 Application Ideas For Your Shop

By |Mar 13, 2012|

Written by Bill Michael
Marketing Analyst
Xerox Corporation

How do you generate new ideas? Are you inspired by reading? By listening to others? By seeing other work? Inspiration of

Get Going…With Workflow!

By |Mar 1, 2012|

Written By Melissa Reynolds
iGen Consultant
Xerox Corporation

Imagine this situation:

You walk into your print shop and everything is running like a well-oiled machine.  Sales has captured important new