Batter Up! The Mets Make Communications More Impactful & Efficient

Written by Joel Basa, e-Marketing Manager at Xerox Corporation
Baseball season is here! Every professional sports organization looks at retooling their roster to achieve the best results on-field. The New York Mets are no different, but perhaps they are? The Mets also retooled their off-field and near-field(the fans experience) processes to achieve the best results for the larger organization. They wanted to address better efficiencies, stronger data information management and more-impactful communications to fans, media and employees.
The challenge for the Mets was how to make internal and external communications more efficient and more impactful. The combination of solutions used a variety of digital print solutions. These included:

  • Redesigned game notes. Enhancing the quality of media communications and streamlining data presentation, while reducing costs.
  • Greener communications. Scanning and e-mailing the team’s “Plan of the Day” to front-office staff, reducing paper and speeding game-day preparation.
  • Enhanced dining. Providing more-efficient menu/label printing and inventory tracking, to speed delivery of fresh ingredients to ballpark concessions and restaurants.
  • Personalization of Direct Mail: XMPie technology allows mailer photos to delight fans, showing each recipient’s name on a Mets jersey.
  • Document technology and services. Enabling digital archiving of all documents.

The solutions touch areas of the digital print industry that we’re all accustomed to: workflow, personalization and productivity. The uniqueness is the solutions implemented not only affect their customers but also their employees.
Are you looking for ways to delight your customers? Have you implemented solutions that also improve the efficiencies and impact of your internal processes?

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