80s Music and the QR Code

Written by Joel Basa, e-Marketing Manager at Xerox Corporation
80s music! A decade of music that I grew up with and still love to this day! What’s the first thing you think of when you think 80s music!? Here’s my answer: synthesizers! The use (or dare I say overuse) of synthesizers is evident in many popular songs. Here’s a few:

By the time the 90s rolled around, the use of the synthesizer had returned to what I consider more appropriate levels. So, how does this apply to QR Codes?
I recently read Dave Wieneke’s article titled, “Why Marketers Shouldn’t Waste Their Time with QR Codes.” Dave speaks of QR codes as new technology and writes:
I love the 80s!“New technology tends to follow a predictable path from discovery, to overuse and disillusionment, and eventually, a proper or right level of use. But in the case of QR codes, that “right level” is likely to be fairly low and short lived. Because it’s the marketers, not the customers, who are so enamored with it.”
Sounds an awful lot like 80s music and synthesizer? I partly agree with Dave that the use of QR code is not at the appropriate level currently. It is “newer” (at least here in the US), and I’ve seen many marketers use the QR almost because “they could.” However, I believe there are appropriate and effective uses of the technology.
My wife has been using QR codes posted near clothing to see what other colors are available of a particular item. I’ve done something similar but for cars. A car dealer had a SMS encoded QR code that would text message to request test drive. I’ve also looked at car micro-sites and viewed car “tours” without a salesperson around…all because of a convenient QR code. Do you have any examples?
In my opinion, the QR code will continue on just like the synthesizer has. The applications of it will just evolve. Two questions: What’s your favorite 80s tune? And is the QR Code dead end technology?

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  1. tk August 18, 2011 -

    QR codes “should” gain speed with the younger generation What is the future for smart phones regarding QR codes? If they really take off like they seem to be with “all” the unique uses out there now; will printed peices be necessary….

  2. Dave Kurt August 18, 2011 -

    I believe QR codes will evolve to more compact QR codes, followed by NFC embedded in the documents themselves.

  3. Juny August 19, 2011 -

    A oldie but goodie is “Lean on me”. As for scanning, we were in DC last month and saw bike rentals of a certain company where you pick up and drop off at different locations around town. They had a bar code scanner and one of our friends scanned it and sent me the information via her iPhone. I think it’s slowly becomming more popular and is a valuable tool to have. Thanks.

  4. Karen Arena August 22, 2011 -

    I think QR codes will live on, and one of the first things they should do is replace business cards. I attended a conference where at the end of the presentation, the presenter used the full screen to display her QR coded information, Brilliant, and no lines to grab her card, only to lose it later…. The bad news, the many readers I have installed in my phone just don’t work well.

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