drupa 2012: What's All The Chatter About? What's On Your Mind?

Written by Joel Basa
eMarketing Manager
Xerox Corporation
3 Weeks! Not much time at all! In three weeks, the printing industry will descend upon Dusseldorf, Germany and see the present state and more importantly the future state of the industry at drupa 2012. I’m sure you’ve had many conversations with colleagues, customers and business partners about drupa over the last few weeks. However, unlike drupa 2008, many of these conversations are occurring out in the open and through social media.
So, what are people talking about through social media? What topics are being discussed and being mentioned regarding drupa? I decided to take a snapshot of the conversations that have occurred relating to drupa over the past 7 days using a social listening tool. The tag cloud below illustrates the frequency of specific topics:

As you can see, the terms include many “broad” terms and others are very specific. The terms are technology specific, others are social media related and others are industry terminology. A few thoughts on some of these terms:
Applications: drupa is mostly a technology show but the output of the technology (print samples and applications) is of interest to many of you because this is what your customers see. At Xerox, we’ll have 150+ applications running live in our stand/booth. We’ll share many of these over the next couple weeks through Twitter and Facebook.
Solutions & Workflow: In our stand, we’ll show a variety of end to end solutions: 20+ workflows that you can implement in your own business. Solutions that can reduce your cost, produce more jobs through automation and some that create a better customer experience.
Inkjet: I’ve seen conversations on social media saying drupa will be the “Inkjet show”. At Xerox, we’ll have a Xerox CiPress 500 in our stand/booth to showcase a variety of applications and showing the benefits of Waterless Inkjet Technology. Low Cost Paper and Incredible Speeds make this a must see. (check #MustSeePrint on Twitter)
Packaging: This is an interesting prominent term in our social listening. Packaging continues to be a growing part of our industry. At Xerox, we’ll showcase packaging solutions and discuss the evolution of packaging in the digital print industry.
What’s on your mind? What are you talking about? Share you thoughts below.

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