Behind the Scenes of Technically Speaking

Interview with Scott Stevenson
Product Innovation Specialist
Xerox Corporation

Recently, we’ve created and shared a series of Technically Speaking YouTube videos (if you haven’t seen them, you can take a look here). Today we have Scott Stevenson, the famous face of our Technically Speaking videos, here to talk to us about some of the behind the scene details of the series.
Scott, what’s it like to be the “Technically Speaking” video guy?
“Honestly?  It’s a great extension to my day job as a demonstrator at the Gil Hatch Center!  But we can reach many more people which makes it exciting.”
Do you ever get nervous before you go on camera?
“Not really because it isn’t scripted and that’s what people want.  Conversation with substance without being overly marketed is the intent makes it enjoyable for people to view.”
It seems like you have a lot of fun making these videos! Which was your favorite one to shoot?
“I do enjoy it, and certainly the first one with Mike Linder is a favorite. That was one that kicked off the series and we were concerned people wouldn’t like the ‘openness’ of the messaging but they did.”
What do you think customers can gain from watching these videos?
“My hope is an appreciation for technical discussions that are not overly marketed.  Similar to you speaking to the ‘mechanic’ when buying a car than just the sales person.”
Can you let us in on any other videos that might be happening soon?
We honestly have a very long list!  Next year we’ll be focusing on ‘Color’ & ‘Workflow Automation’ to mention a couple. It’s going to be good so stay tuned!
That’s really exciting, Scott! We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!
Here’s a look at what it’s really like behind the scenes:
Behind the Scenes 1Behind the Scenes 2Behind the Scenes 3Behind the Scenes 5Behind the Scenes 4
If you have any other questions you’d like to ask Scott, please comment below.

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