‘Twas the Night Before…

Written by Xerox and XMPie (with lots of help from Clement Clarke Moore)
‘Twas the night before the holidays, when all through the shop
The presses were humming, no time for a stop;
The pallets were stacked in the corner with care,
In hopes that delivery trucks soon would be there.
When into my office a sound filled the air,
Of music and laughter– I sprang from my chair;
Away to my partner I made a quick dash,
‘Round the corner and into his room in a flash.
The people were huddled all around him with glee,
And looking at something they all wanted to see;
For what was sent to his email address,
But a really cool video from Xerox and XMPie, no less.
This video card came alive on the screen,
It opened, it popped with holiday themes;
And the difference from others was clear from the start,
It was personalized throughout – very nice, very smart!
And then in a moment it became very clear,
That Xerox was sending me wishes this year;
For new business and profit with consistent growth,
For lowering my cost—success with them both.
So I left with a smile and lots of good cheer,
With hopes for a busy, successful New Year;
And I thought to myself as a walked down the hall,
“Happy Holidays to our Customers—to One and to All”.
– Larry Zusman, GM, XMPie Video Personalization Business Team
Please see above for a sample of the personalized holiday video mentioned in this blog, sent to thousands of Xerox customers. For more information on how you can use XMPie-driven video personalization to increase response and generate new revenues, please contact your local XMPie sales representative or Larry Zusman, GM, XMPie Video Personalization Business Team at larry.zusman@us.xmpie.com.

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  1. Jeroen December 23, 2012 -

    Nice movie and Larry you have skills. Poet skills.. never thought behind you.

    Have a wonderful 2013

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