Get tethered to your customers!

The mobile workforce is growing. I remember the days when a select few had cell phones, phones they had to sling over their shoulder and would last a whopping 30 minutes of talk time before requiring a charge. Now, ask yourself, “who doesn’t have a cell phone?” Mobile devices have become a necessity for businesses and for consumers and its important to evaluate your digital print business and see how you are addressing the growth of mobile.
Cross Media….including Mobile
QR Code
A typical cross-media campaign incorporates multiple “touchpoints” including hard-copy direct mail, e-mail, social media, and perhaps telemarketing. How about text message marketing? How about bridging the gap between online marketing and mobile marketing with QR codes? Personalized direct mail pieces with Personalized QR codes provide a quick and easy way for your target audience to visit a site and take the appropriate action. With many individuals “tethered” (pun intended) to their phones, its important for a digital print business to look at mobile from two perspectives: how to market their own services and how to expand their offerings for their customers to incorporate the mobile workforce.
iPhones, Android, Blackberry…they all offer various “apps” to allow their users to access information more easily or accomplish a task more efficiently while on the go. I would anticipate a growth of Print Service Providers developing Apps to assist their customers.
One example is the Xerox Premier Partner program, a global community consisting of over 850 digital printers. A simple to use, free and downloadable mobile application called “Find a Premier Partner” assists businesses in identifying graphic communication print service providers meeting selected criteria. If a business or agency needs to find connections to:
-A partner anywhere in the world with specific services, certifications and solutions (both pre and post press)
-Reach to new locations, new customers and new revenue
-Make connections to advance printing technologies and marketing services ideas and applications
The possibilities for Mobile and Print don’t just end with these examples. Do you know other examples of mobile in print? How are you addressing mobile in your digital print business?

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