Written by Heidi Tolliver-Walker
Print Industry Analyst

More than half of mobile phone owners in the United States now own smartphones. Of those, approximately 20% have scanned a QR Code.  That’s a lot of people.  Do you know everything they can use QR Codes to do?

QR Codes are most commonly used as shortcuts to the web from direct mail, marketing collateral, packaging, email, and other media channels. But thinking about them only as online shortcuts short-changes these mobile tools. They are being used for a lot more.

If you had to think up a list of uses for QR Codes, how many could you come up with? Before reading further, jot down your own list. Then just for fun, check it against the one below.

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Link to online content:  Whether linking to a webpage, video, or other content, the most common use for QR Codes is to automatically link mobile users from some form of print, packaging, or email to online content.

Email: QR Codes can be used to launch pre-populated emails. When the user scans the code, it prompts the phone’s mail application and populates the “send to” address with the address the marketer chooses.

Personalized URLs: QR Codes can be used to contain information unique to the recipient, including personalized URLs. When users scan the code, they are sent to a personalized mini-site just as if they had typed in a personalized URL or clicked through one electronically.

Phone number: The QR code prompts the phone to display the marketer’s phone number then launches the “call” button to allow the user to dial. No need to type anything in.

Plain text: Some marketers may simply want viewers to access a text message. This might be content like exclusive portions of an interview, a discount code, or if you’re at a trade show, a booth number.  This can be stored within the code itself.  This is great for locations where Internet access may be limited.

Business cards: The QR code can be used to automatically populate the user’s mobile phone contacts with the marketer’s electronic business card, including name, address, phone number, email, and company or personal URL.

Events reminders: Want to remind users about a scheduled event? Once users snap the code, it prompts the phone to automatically add the date and time to the phone’s calendar. The user can select the reminder function from their individual phone’s calendar app.

Are you seeing QR Codes being used in other ways not listed here? If so, add a comment. I’d like to hear about them.

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