Written by Leon Williams
Chief Scientist, EFI

Perhaps you knew of the ability to add clear dry ink to images and text with the Xerox Color 800/1000 Press – employing spot or flood creative effects that enhance the value of the output. But what if you could also add dimension and texture to the output? What opportunities could that open for your customers and your business?

When Xerox first discussed the possibility of enabling dimensional printing by using multiple passes of Clear Dry Ink (CDI), it sparked excitement at EFI to create a new workflow to simplify its use. The result is a new Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor (IEVE) that can automatically add clear channel separations to any image for professional looking textures in just seconds. While previous solutions had required knowledge of sophisticated publishing tools and a good deal of artistic flair to achieving dimensional effects, IEVE can extract photos from any PostScript or PDF file, automatically derive layers for the application of clear dry ink and place these new layers into the original file for a custom dimensional effect.

Like the original release of IEVE for quick photo corrections, the focus in on quality and productivity. It’s all about getting the best, saleable print through the press as fast as possible. The new software enables dimensional texturing of all images at once or individually with each image receiving custom treatment. To further simplify the process of getting just the right level of texture, IEVE employs novel visualization of the resulting CDI coated photos right on the screen. A technique known in the video gaming industry as “bump mapping” enables the operator to see and modify how the resulting levels of Clear Dry Ink will appear before ever printing a single page. This results in extremely fast turnaround for beautiful, high value prints.

CDI Multi-Pass

To truly appreciate what multi-pass CDI and IEVE can do for your prints and your customer, you really must experience it firsthand. The results are both eye-catching and delightful. Whether creating brochures, newsletters, direct mail, point of purchase displays, posters, menus, photo-book covers or business cards the results are sure to grab attention and satisfy clients all with minimum effort.  To twist the old saying, “you have to feel it to believe it.”

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Leon Williams is currently the Chief Scientist for Fiery at Electronics for Imaging. Over his 13 year career with EFI, he has managed the development of interpreters, color profiling, color management, RIP performance, compression, halftoning, rendering, image processing, hardware acceleration and drivers. He now investigates and develops advanced technologies for future EFI products.