Customer Success Stories with the Xerox Color 800/1000 Press

With the holidays quickly approaching and we anxiously begin to set our sights on 2011, there are undoubtedly many items on your ‘to-do’ list. Whether those items include picking up the final few gifts for your family members or finish sending out holiday calendars to your clients, I thought it would be appropriate for today’s post to be light and insightful.
With the launch of the Xerox® Color 800 and 1000 Presses this past April in North American markets, dozens of print operations utilizing this technology have found great successes. The models are based on a new engine design that delivers print speeds of 80 and 100 impressions per minute, respectively, and mixes Xerox’s best, recent innovations with new technologies, such as optional clear dry ink. Clear dry ink enables spot finishes and graphic effects that add value to sales collateral, direct mail, photos and other print applications.

Perhaps you have a Xerox® Color 800/1000 and are looking for the best ways to utilize it – or maybe you are just interested in what can be achieved through this powerful digital press as you begin to look towards 2011, I thought it would be helpful to provide you with some glimpses of how early adopters are using the Xerox® Color 800 and 1000.
James River Press and Mailing Services Inc.
Richmond, Virginia
These two firms will use the Xerox® Color 800 Press to offer high-end variable-data print jobs to a broad spectrum of clients and prospects. One is a 5,000-piece three-part mailer with seven different versions and personalized imaging on both sides. “All of this will be done in one pass on the Xerox® Color 800,” said Easley Johnson, vice president, Sales and Marketing, James River Press. “There will be tremendous savings in time and costs running a job like this on the 800 versus offset.”
Publication Printers
Denver, Colorado
Full-service print company Publication Printers, the official printer of the Denver Broncos, purchased the Xerox Color 1000 Press to broaden its digital printing capabilities by enhancing short-run and variable-data color work and proofs of web press applications. “This new technology will ramp up our digital capabilities and we expect an increase in business,” said Kerri Rosenberg-Hallet, director, Sales and Marketing, Publication Printers. “As the print-on-demand market grows, we need to constantly improve our arsenal of equipment and offerings to stay ahead of the pack.”
Serbin Printing
Sarasota, Florida
Full-service commercial print shop Serbin Printing selected the Xerox® Color 1000 Press after serving as
a customer test site. “We had the opportunity to ‘kick the tires’ of the Xerox® 1000 Press before it launched, and we were impressed with what we saw; we knew the press could help drive our growing book business,” said Mark Serbin, president, Serbin Printing. The firm will use it with Xerox® FreeFlow® Web Services and XMPie’s uDirect® Studio to enable more applications and new revenue streams.
Sir Speedy Printing and Marketing Services
Tampa, Florida
As the first Sir Speedy franchise to purchase the Xerox® Color 800 Press, Sir Speedy of Tampa will use the device to print booklets, postcards, door hangers, fliers and business cards for its almost exclusively business-to-business clients. Personalized print jobs will be supported with XMPie’s uDirect Classic. “We have a diverse customer base, and the applications coming off the Xerox® Color 800 Press—particularly with its color quality and clear dry ink—will appeal to all of them,” said Steve Albritton, vice president, Sales and Marketing, Sir Speedy.
Conlin’s Digital Print & Copy Center
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
With the Color 1000 Press’ clear dry ink, Conlin’s expects to generate new market opportunities by offering highlighted images and text for short-run magazines and promotional marketing materials. The company will use the press and XMPie’s uDirect Classic software along with Xerox’s® FreeFlow® Variable Information Suite software to fulfill customers’ requests for personalized and variable-data printed pieces. “Successful businesses rely on emerging technology and marketing trends,” said Bill Conlin, president, Conlin’s Digital Print & Copy Center. “This investment in Xerox® equipment distinguishes our printing capabilities from the competition—we meet our customer’s deadlines, not make them.”
Exacta Graphics
Butler, Wisconsin
Exacta Graphics was the first in Wisconsin’s print industry to install a Xerox® 800 Color Press. The company will use it to accommodate the increasing demand for short-run orders while maintaining the same high quality that is at the cornerstone of their business. “In the Xerox® 800, we found the unique capability of the clear ink that our customers can’t find on any other digital press option in the area,” said Dan Feagles, vice president of Exacta Graphics. “Ideal for smaller run brochures, sell sheets and postcards, the Xerox® 800 will allow us to offer a cost-effective solution in today’s cost-conscious print market. Clients will have greater flexibility with their creativity while meeting today’s economic budget constraints.”
Herts Display
Ware, United Kingdom
Herts Display is a printing and stationery company that purchased the first two Xerox® Color 1000 Presses in Europe after serving as a customer test site. They will use the machines to produce a wide range of applications including fliers, newsletters, brochures and variable-data documents. “We expect the Xerox® Color 1000 Press to have a massive impact on the digital printing world, giving users like Herts Display both a competitive edge and a superior product,” said Pete Watkins, director, Herts Display, which is a member of Xerox Premier Partners Global Network of leading print providers.

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  1. Norbert Kalinowski December 22, 2010 -

    It seems to me, that many of these get rid of their old iGen3 equipment and change their strategy to a smaller range of media types and sizes. This is why we decide to NOT invest into a X1000. Although spot-coating is a funky feature we prefer offset spot-coating. If we could get opaque white as an extra colour we may change our mind.

    • Bill Michael December 27, 2010 -

      Norbert – thank you for the comment and hope you had a wonderful Holiday.

      I think this may be a common misconception, as we are finding that many printers are adding the Xerox Color 1000 to their portfolio of offerings, rather than using it to replace current equipment. The recommended average monthly volume for the Color 1000 is 150,000-400,000 pages per month, where the iGen4 sits at 200,000 to 3,750,000 pages per month. The Color 1000 is really meant to sit between the DocuColor 7002/8002 and the iGen4 – not replace a users current iGen.

      Depending on the equipment you currently have in your shop and the types of work you are looking to run both in the present and future, you may or may not have a need for this digital press. My intention wasn’t for you to walk away from this post with the impression that the Color 1000 just offers spot-coating, because it really does much more than that. But at the same time, it isn’t meant to serve as a replacement for an iGen in a production environment.

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