Written by Bill Michael
eMarketing Manager, Xerox Corporation

#PrintChat: Join us for a lively discussion of all things Print!

As a child, I always had fond memories of my Grandmother’s kitchen. That was, of course, where all the magic happened. Any recipe she whipped together for her 5 grandchildren always had to use the highest-quality ingredients. She insisted upon it, and she wouldn’t stand for anything less. The best ingredients were the foundation to the best finished-product, she’d always say.

So it came as no surprise to me that when the @XeroxProduction Twitter handle had the pleasure of hosting an August 21st hour-long Twitter #PrintChat, the end result was a dazzling display of insights and perspectives. #PrintChat (hosted by @PrintMediaCentr)  is, of course, where all the magic happens for print-related chatter on Twitter. It’s foundational ingredients are all so good; a renowned forum, a rock-solid participant community, and an industry so passionate about their craft; it had all the makings of a winning recipe.

In fact, we recently wrote about this tremendous passion in a blog post titled #PrintWins. In that post, Jeff Jacobson, President of Global Graphic Communications at Xerox, characterized the great momentum taking place in the print industry right now; encouraging us to celebrate its successes, recognize its evolution, and imagine its future.

Last week’s Twitter Chat featured an array of members from  the print community, from graphic arts professionals to commercial printers to publishers, with titles including social media directors, business development professionals and production managers. Topics ranged from the importance of workflow, to unique value-added services & solutions offered by fellow print providers…all the way to technologies and applications that will thrive in the future.

So in case you missed the insightful #PrintChat session, or just couldn’t keep up with the back-and-forth chatter of the 50+ participants and nearly 700 tweets that were cram-packed into the one-hour session, we’ve recapped some of the highlights below. And of course, we encourage you to check out the entire transcript!

Feel free to jump in and provide your perspectives on any of the questions posed to the community!

Based on your experience, do you think printing companies place enough importance on workflow systems?













How are you uniquely personalizing print? What creative ways have you seen others doing it?

















How have you made #PrintWins for you and your clients through personalization or other technologies?

















How do you envision the print industry in 10 years? What applications and/or technologies will thrive?