Hospitality, Hospitals and the Color 800 Press Drive Double-Digit Growth at Sir Speedy Orlando

Written by Derrick Doi
Vice President, Quick and Franchise Print Segment, Xerox Corporation
Sir Speedy Orlando counts on the local economy for nearly all of its business, about two-thirds of which comes from the metro area’s healthcare, hospitality and conventions industries.
These industries continue to rely on printing, and Sir Speedy Orlando delivers. The company is on track for a second consecutive year of 10 percent revenue growth, driven largely by digital color printing and wide-format printing of signs and banners.
The digital color growth was somewhat in jeopardy a short while ago, as the company’s workhorse digital color press grew less and less reliable. In seeking to replace it, Owners Laurence Nye and Mike LeVangie elicited recommendations from other Sir Speedy franchisees, which led them to choose a Xerox Color 800 Press.
The Xerox press has delivered a number of new capabilities to Sir Speedy Orlando. Printing on heavier stocks and synthetics has given customers more choices for restaurant menus and collateral. Clear toner has provided another creative wrinkle to business cards, menus and other pieces.  And increased processing power has made variable information printing more productive.
But, Nye and LeVangie said, “What really has made an impact on the business is the Color 800’s ability to produce the work. We have basically no down time with this machine.” It put an end to what had been a very difficult time, they said “We had a good amount of work, but we weren’t always able to produce it because the machine was down.  The Color 800 has made a big difference in our business—and in our lives.
Their great experience with the Color Press has opened them to additional opportunities for replacing their aging black-and-white devices with Xerox printers. See and hear Nye and LeVangie make additional observations about their business and their new Color 800 Press in this video.
Is print still driving growth in your operation? If yes, what types of printing are delivering? If no, where are you finding growth?
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