New Webinar Series Focuses on Top Print Business Opportunities in 2014

Written by Susan Weiss
Manager, Xerox Worldwide Customer Business Development
2014 Xerox Business Development Series
Big data, mobile communications, interactive print and inkjet technologies are all shaping today’s graphic communications industry in ways that are creating new business opportunities for print providers. These trends all warrant a closer look, so on Feb. 19, Xerox began a series of six free webinars on top trends and print business opportunities in 2014 featuring Barb Pellow of InfoTrends and Xerox customers. The six webinars are:
Feb. 19: “Embrace Change”
The series started with a look at the top 10 trends that are shaping the print industry in 2014—and strategies for capitalizing on them. For a replay, click here.
March 19: “Big Data… The Right Data!”
Enormous volumes of data are generated in today’s digital world, promising to enable marketers to make customer and prospect experiences more relevant and meaningful than ever before. For that effort to be effective, however, marketers need to harness these massive data volumes to deliver the right message to the right client at the right time. This webinar will describe the “Big Data” challenge and how some companies are meeting it. To register, click here.
May 7: “Print-to-Mobile: A New Services Opportunity”
Clients are migrating to digital platforms in droves, and savvy print providers are helping them do it. This webinar’s panelists will discuss available tools for repurposing print content for use in rich, interactive mobile media and offer insights on how to make money with the service. To view the replay, click here.
Aug. 20: “Reinventing and Repositioning Your Business”
With the dramatic changes taking place in communications today, print providers of all sizes are recognizing a need to reposition their businesses. This webinar will focus on how to do that, describing the products, services and business models that can influence customer perceptions and drive new business opportunities. To register, click here.
Oct. 8: “The Power of Interactive Print”
A number of today’s encoding systems enable readers with smartphones to move easily from paper to interactive online media. This webinar will explore business opportunities with a number of these technologies, including Near Field Communications (NFC), Augmented Reality (AR), social media referral programs, mobile barcodes and text messaging. To register, click here.
Nov. 12: “Inkjet: Closing the Gap”
High-speed production color inkjet technology’s high productivity and low consumable costs making it very competitive with offset at higher run lengths than traditional digital printing can address cost effectively.  Consequently, it is bringing all the advantages of digital printing to higher volume bands, including personalization, electronic collation, just-in-time manufacturing and workflow automation. In this webinar, inkjet users will describe new business opportunities they are pursuing for their existing digital printing applications. To register, click here.
All sessions take place from noon to 1 p.m., E.T. Attendees will receive a topic-related InfoTrends analysis or report—as well as keen insights into how to capture some of the most compelling opportunities of 2014.
What do you think are the biggest opportunities in 2014?

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