How to Improve Print Sales with Good Stories

By |Apr 5, 2016|

Educate your client base on the value and effectiveness of print with these helpful resources and articles.

Can a Toner Plant Truly be ‘Green’?

By |Jun 1, 2015|

An inside look at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that grows energy efficient toner.

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    How Paper Waste Impacts In-Plant and Commercial Print Providers

How Paper Waste Impacts In-Plant and Commercial Print Providers

By |Jan 26, 2015|

Paper is one of the most expensive components of the printing process. So how does paper waste impact break-even issues and higher charges for in-plant and commercial print providers?

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    Customer Replaceable Components: Increasing Productivity with the Xerox D-Series

Customer Replaceable Components: Increasing Productivity with the Xerox D-Series

By |Jul 31, 2014|

Learn how the Xerox D-Series Copier/Printers Customer Replaceable Components can help you increase productivity and reduce downtime.

The Value of Print (A Letter to Marketing Managers)

By |Feb 20, 2014|

Do you need to get your marketing messages read and noticed? Learn about a technology that is readily available, very affordable, and delivers proven results: Paper

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    Three Reasons to be Passionate about Environmental Sustainability

Three Reasons to be Passionate about Environmental Sustainability

By |Feb 11, 2014|

What drives some graphic communications providers to treat environmental sustainability as a pillar of the business, on par with customer satisfaction and financial success? Here are 3 reasons to be passionate about embracing environmental sustainability.

What is the Future of Print and Design? Panel of Experts Weigh In.

By |May 2, 2013|

In a world enamored with online media, it may surprise you to know that 93 percent of designers utilize print as part of their mix. Gordon Kaye, editor and publisher of Graphic Design USA Magazine, reflects on the myth that ‘print is dead’ and shares insight on why graphic designers and other creative professionals continue to view print as central to their personal and professional lives. The benefits of print are clear and proven, and for the good and great designers, it’s about knowing how and when to employ these traits to advance a message, a brand, an emotion, an idea, a cause, and a sense of authenticity.

Enduring #PowerofPrint: How Print Stays Relevant in a Digital World

By |Apr 22, 2013|

Despite the prevalence of electronic devices and mobile technology, print remains a highly effective, revenue-generating tool. 67% of online searches are driven by offline messages, with 39% ending with a purchase. A March 2013 study found print media to be the most trusted medium among consumers. It’s not a question of print or electronics – but rather how to leverage the combination to create a powerful, integrative marketing mix. Join us on April 25, from 2:30-3:00p EST, as Xerox hosts a Google+ Hangout with Graphic Design USA Magazine and Anderson Direct Marketing. We will discuss the enduring power of print, effective combinations of print and digital, and innovations that are making print smarter and more effective.

Promoting Value of Print: Communication that is Environmentally and Socially Responsible

By |Apr 16, 2013|

Did you know that CO2 emissions from making a CD are 4 times higher than from printing a 100 page, 4-color annual report? Or that printing is the only medium with a one-time carbon footprint, as all other media requires energy every time they are viewed? Despite these facts, the printing industry is constantly facing challenges regarding its place in messaging, its environmental impact, and its future. Google and Toshiba are just a few of the recent examples of industry giants that have publicly made false claims about print. It became clear how critical it was to communicate that printed products are environmentally and socially responsible. Printing Industries of America created the ‘Value of Print’ campaign as a response to false claims about print’s negative impact on the environment and the loss of its effectiveness.

The Controversy About Paper Waste

By |Jan 22, 2013|

Do you have a handle on your company’s substrate waste, or is it a mystery? Leading companies know their cost of manufacturing down to the penny. Anticipated waste is factored into estimates and should be compared with unanticipated waste in an effort to better refine the accuracy of estimates.