7 Resources to Make Digital Packaging Part of Your Print Business

Digital Packaging Resource Roundup

Have you added digital packaging to your print services portfolio yet? Whether you’re already down that path or still in the research stage, taking the first steps have never been easier. Here, we’ve compiled 7 resources to help guide you through every stage of your journey.

Digital Packaging Infographic and Conversation Starters

Find useful data about the digital packaging market on this infographics page, plus conversation starters to engage your customers. When brands aren’t aware of the benefits of digitally printed packaging, you can use these suggestions to kick off a conversation:

  • “We can give you flexibility without expensive setup costs or long lead times.”
  • “We can maximize the efficiency of your supply chain.”
  • “New SKUs? No problem.”
  • “We offer customization, versioning, and extra security.”

Digital Packaging Case Studies

Mid-York Press finds new business – “With Xerox, we keep up with a changing packaging industry, while tapping into lucrative new markets,” said Bob Tenney, President, and CEO, Mid-York Press, Inc. The business increased digital packaging volume to 10% of their total volume. They leveraged variable data to produce personalized packaging along with trackable SKUs. It proved a successful entry point into the relatively new digital packaging segment. “We’re developing unique packaging solutions, not just producing outputs. And we’re acquiring customers we never would have been able to reach before.”

OTC Group takes control of the process OTC Group is the first company in North America to connect the most advanced digital printing and packaging technology to equally advanced database segmentation analytics and development with integrated Web applications. “We’ve completed a variety of different applications, and we’ve fine-tuned our standard operating procedures to where we know our processes are very tight and controlled,” said Tim Graham President and Chief Operating Officer. “We’re confident we’re taking a perfect product to the market.”

Downloadable Market Segment Guide: Digital Packaging: An Opportunity for Growth”

The digital model represents a fundamental rethinking of how to produce packaging efficiently and effectively. This guide, Digital Packaging An Opportunity for Growth,” shows how to unwrap the benefits of digital packaging for you and your customers. From shorter runs to increased variations, digital packaging opens doors.

While the future is bright for many digital print segments, the packaging space is especially exciting. The data shared in this resource paints an encouraging picture. Packaging represents one of the largest and most stable opportunities for print providers. 53% of converters say the ability to do short runs is a key reason why their own customers buy digital printing.

Digital packaging attracts marketers because it reduces obsolescence in packaging and labeling, and it enables more customized packaging. Converters and brands are paying more attention to digitally produced packaging. Make sure you’re paying attention, too, starting with this guide. 

Blog Posts about Digitally Printed Packaging

Blog 1: Why Short-run Packaging is a Huge Opportunity for Commercial Printers

Matthew Parker brings his business-building expertise to short-run packaging. Traditionally, packaging print has been a viewed as a long-run process, best suited to specialized manufacturers. And although there is still a place for this approach, the packaging world is rapidly changing. So, how do you make the most of this opportunity? Matthew shares three action points to start your packaging journey. Here’s the first: make sure you’re aware of what you can produce. Your press might be more packaging-ready than you realize.

Blog 2: How Digital Printing on Plastic Films Can Change the Flexible Packaging Market

Digital printing brings real disruption to the flexible packaging market in much the same way it transformed commercial printing over the last two-plus decades. The workaround has been to print on a different substrate and affix it to the target. But there’s a downside. Greater costs and additional process steps have slowed things down. Emerging capabilities print directly onto thin plastic films using a digital inkjet to improve flexible packager productivity and lower costs. Short runs and personalization also offer better solutions for changing market needs. Using digital inkjet technology to print directly onto thin plastic films benefits both flexible packagers and brand owners. For brands, product packaging can achieve a clean look and professional feel that had previously been difficult or expensive.

Blog 3: Finally, Add Affordable Intelligence to Packaging

Imagine packaging that included built-in information like region, store and distributor codes to check if your distribution channel is in working order. End-users want authentic, safe and intelligent products. Meanwhile, companies feel the impact of counterfeit goods to the tune of billions of dollars.

How about scanning a high-value cosmetic product to verify its contents are authentic? These are a couple of the intelligent packaging possibilities unleashed by Xerox® Printed Memory. Printed memory finally makes adding intelligence to packaging accessible for converters and brand owners. Printed electronics with more advanced capabilities will enable a future where packaging can store, sense, compute and communicate information. Read this blog to learn more about making packaging smarter: Examining a low-cost way to add intelligence and security to packaging. In one example, the non-volatile memory stores up to up to 36 bits, which translates to 68 billion distinct data combinations. Everything from lot codes and serial numbers to expiration dates and geographic codes can be stored on it. Data is preserved until overwritten within a 10-year span.

There’s no better time than now to learn how digital printing can transform your packaging productivity. Whether you’re just starting the conversation or are ready to make the move, Xerox is ready to help.

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